Steiner Introduces MPS Pistol Red Dot

Steiner Introduces MPS Pistol Red Dot

The new MPS pistol red dot from Steiner Optics features a metal, fully enclosed construction to endure the rigors of combat in any environment.

Dauerhaft is German for “durable”, and it’s clearly the word Steiner had in mind while developing the new MPS (Micro Pistol Sight) red dot. The past few years have seen pistol red dots bifurcate into two general styles: open and enclosed. While open-style sights can be smaller and lighter, they don’t offer the same amount of toughness as closed-style sights do. Since Steiner is no stranger to equipping military and police forces, it’s not surprising that they would opt for the more rugged design with the new MPS.

Steiner MPS

Built Tough

Designed to withstand real-world combat abuse, the Steiner MPS features an all-metal construction that is reinforced by two metal sidewalls and a hood. The sight window is completely sealed and recessed beyond the hood, protecting both the lens and the emitter from becoming obstructed. The MPS is also waterproof up to 10 meters and has a best-in-class shock rating.

MPS red dot

Steiner MPS Features

Like all Steiner red dots, the MPS has impeccable glass quality with true 1X magnification. The emitter produces a 3.3 MOA dot that has six daylight and two night vision brightness settings, easily adjusted with buttons on the side of the housing. Switching the CR1632 battery is painless since the compartment is on top of the optic, but its 13,000-hour battery life on the medium setting means you won’t have to change it too often anyway. The battery life can also be further extended by utilizing the optional auto-off feature that’s on a 13-hour timer.

MPS window

Despite being a metal, fully enclosed optic, the Steiner MPS still manages to be quite trim weighing only 58 grams. It’s compatible with most existing optics-ready pistols, has an MSRP of $574.99 and is available now.

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