First Look: Warcat Tactical IWB Holster

First Look: Warcat Tactical IWB Holster

The new Warcat Tactical IWB holster has everything you need in a modern CCW holster, with a claw, wedge and optics-ready option right out of the box.

Warcat Tactical is the newest brand under the Tedder Industries holding company, the owners of Alien Gear and Rapid Force. The company is introducing itself with the Warcat Tactical holster, a new IWB holster with features tailored to the modern concealed carrier. Designed and manufactured in Post Falls, Idaho, the Warcat Tactical holster claims to be better, faster and stronger than any of its competitors.

Warcat feature

Modern Features

Because the popular models of CCW pistols are ever changing, so too must the holsters that carry them. This is why certain features that were previously considered luxury editions on other holsters are now included standard on the Warcat Tactical IWB. The first of these is the “claw”, an optional device that protrudes off the side of the holster to help with concealment. When installed, the belt pushes down on the claw and forces the entire holster to rotate closer to the wearer’s body. Twisting the butt of the pistol closer to the user reduces printing and increases concealability. The second feature that now comes standard on the Warcat is the “wedge”, and it’s essentially just a soft pad that makes carrying IWB more comfortable.

The Warcat Tactical can also be ordered for either left or right-hand draw as well as with either a 1.5 or 1.75-inch belt clip. For compatible pistol fits, the Warcat can also be ordered with an MRDS Hood. Rather than a standard “optics cutout” in the holster, the MRDS Hood is specially molded to better protect a micro red dot and can make carrying one more comfortable too.

Warcat Tactical RDS hood

Better Plastic

Warcat Tactical holsters are made using a kind of polymer that the company claims is not only 20% lighter than their competitors’ holsters, but also 40% tougher and 80% more heat resistant. Being both lighter and stronger are obvious advantages, but if it’s hot enough to melt a normal holster you likely have bigger problems to contend with.

Warcat tactical heat resistant

The Warcat Tactical IWB is currently available for several popular carry models of Glock, S&W, Sig and Springfield and each comes with the company’s “9-Lives Warranty”. The holsters are available now and have a temporary, patriotic launch price of $17.76.

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