Bushnell Introduces Two Upgraded Elite Tactical Riflescopes

Bushnell Introduces Two Upgraded Elite Tactical Riflescopes

Bushnell’s Elite Tactical line just got upgraded with the addition of the DMR3 and XRS3 riflescopes.


DMR3 Features:

  • 3.5-21X Magnification
  • 50mm Objective Lens
  • First Focal Plane
  • MSRP: $1,499.99

XRS3 Features:

  • 6-36X Magnification
  • 56mm Objective Lens
  • First Focal Plane
  • MSRP: $1,699.99

Once popular scope choices for both professionals and hobbyists, Bushnell’s DMR II and XRS II have been discontinued in anticipation of each model’s new, upgraded iteration. The newly released DMR3 aims to be a proficient long-range scope while remaining light and compact, while the upcoming XRS3 delivers the highest magnification level of any scope in the Elite Tactical family. Both scope models boast several new features and upgrades that ensure Bushnell optics stay competitive.

Bushnell DMR3 feature

New G4P Reticle

One of the greatest improvements in the new Elite Tactical riflescopes is their G4P reticle, something found in both models. The G4P was developed alongside G.A. Precision to provide a sight picture that’s just as fast as it is accurate. Mil-based, the G4P reticle features floating holdover dots as well as quick-acquisition bars. Adjusting your zero should also be easy with the scopes’ revamped, bold turret markings, and the built-in zero stop should make returning to zero a breeze.

G4P reticle

Using high-quality glass and coating processes, Bushnell has managed to achieve 2% higher light transmission than their previous generation of scopes, ensuring a clear sight picture and better performance. Both scopes are also rated IP67 for protection against water and dust. This combined with their tubes’ aluminum construction results in some very hardy optics. Designed with military and law enforcement in mind, these Bushnell scopes are certainly tough enough for competition use as well.

XRS3 in the box
What's included with the XRS3.

The DMR3 model also features a new, shorter 25-yard parallax, making it a viable choice for rimfire shooting too. The XRS3 is longer and heavier than the DMR3 and only has a 50-yard parallax, but its greater magnification level and field of view make it the clear winner for extreme long ranges. Whatever your long-range precision needs may be, Bushnell's Elite Tactical line is sure to go the distance.

For more on Bushnell, please visit bushnell.com.

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