Holosun Announces Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight (AEMS)


Lightweight, rugged and affordable, the new Holosun AEMS optic has innovative features that are sure to appeal to a wide variety of shooters.

Holosun AEMS Features:

  • Large FOV, Compact And Lightweight Body
  • Shake Awake System
  • ~50K Hour Battery Life
  • Dot, Circle Or Circle-Dot Reticle
  • Available With Red Or Green Reticle
  • MSRP: $470.58 (Red Reticle)

Most red dot sights on the market today were designed either to be as lightweight and compact as possible or to be durable and provide a better field of view. These qualities are often mutually exclusive, forcing consumers to choose one style over the other depending on their needs. Now, the new Holosun AEMS is attempting to combine these features into a single, do-it-all optic.

Holosun AEMS main

Lightweight Yet Rugged

Constructed from 7075 T6 aluminum, the Holosun AEMS manages to weigh only 3.9 ounces without its mounting hardware. That’s less than half as much as what an Eotech XPS3 weighs, but it’s been tested against recoil vibration and other environmental factors to ensure that it can still withstand plenty of abuse in the field. The Holosun AEMS has also been tested against submersion and extreme temperatures and includes a built-in set of plastic lens covers for further protecting the glass viewfinder. The enclosed nature of the AEMS also means that it’s impervious to snow or mud blocking the sight’s emitter.

Compact Yet Usable

The Holosun AEMS has a similar-sized viewing window to an Eotech XPS3, but still manages to come out dimensionally smaller overall. This provides the shooter with the least obstructive field of view possible, enabling quick target acquisition while keeping the weapon compact and maneuverable. While most red dots of a comparable size and weight have much smaller viewing windows, making them more difficult to use, the Holosun AEMS manages to squeeze the FOV of an almost full-sized optic into a compact housing.

AEMS dimensions

Holosun AEMS Options

The new Holosun AEMS is configurable to work with a variety of different setups, platforms and uses. When purchasing an AEMS, the first option one is presented with is the choice between a red or a green reticle. There are pros and cons to each color, and it mostly depends on personal preference, but the green version does have an MSRP of about $35 more. Both versions of the AEMS can switch between three different reticle modes and 12 different brightness settings. The reticle can either be set to a 2-MOA dot, a 65-MOA circle, or both. The optic is powered by a CR2032 battery but also draws ancillary power from the top-mounted solar panel which doubles as a light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment. The auto-adjust and shake-awake features can also be tuned to fit your preferences or disabled completely. With just the dot set to an average brightness setting under normal conditions, the Holosun AEMS can last up to 50,000 hours before needing a new battery.

Holosun AEMS reticle

The AEMS can also be either directly mounted to the weapon or attached by using the included lower 1/3 co-witness mount. An absolute co-witness mount is sold separately. These mounts enable the Holosun AEMS to be right at home on an AR, HK or just about any other long gun.

Holosun AEMS on rifle

With a projected release date of early October, the Holosun AEMS is sure to make waves in the red dot world. Innovative due to its large lens size fit inside a compact housing, the AEMS still manages to be durable and affordable. It will enable shooters to reduce their rifle’s weight and clear up rail space while retaining an optic that looks more usable compared to other micro red dots. The Holosun AEMS is undoubtedly about to become one of the most popular optics in its class.

For more on Holosun, please visit holosun.com.

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