First Look: True Velocity Box Set

First Look: True Velocity Box Set

The future of ammunition pioneered for the Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons Program is available commercially for the first time with this True Velocity commemorative box set.

Included In True Velocity Box Set:

  • 22 Rounds of .308 True Velocity Composite-Cased Ammunition
  • Commemorative Display Box
  • Official D.O.P.E. Log Book
  • True Velocity Challenge Coin

The U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons program is in full swing, and the technology that has resulted from it has got people excited. While the new weapons and optics are still being deliberated on, True Velocity’s 6.8mm composite-cased ammunition has been selected for continued testing in the final phase of this project’s trials. This revolutionary new ammo type brings its users a 30% weight reduction, increased accuracy and less heat transfer when compared to typical brass-cased bullets. True Velocity’s advanced polymer technology has allowed them to create their new composite-cased cartridges in calibers ranging from 5.56 to 12.7, and for the first time ever this innovative design is available for purchase on the commercial market.

True Velocity box

The 6.8mm cartridge being tested by the army may not be available for sale yet, but .308 ammo loaded in their new composite cases is. Hopefully, someday this ammo is as commercially viable as anything else on the market, but as of now, this technology can only be acquired through purchasing True Velocity’s collector’s edition .308 box set. The rounds included in the box can be shot if you wish, but the real purpose of this set is to commemorate a new era in American military weapon systems. Years from now when the U.S. Army’s use of composite-cased ammunition has become commonplace, owners of this box set will have a piece of history in their possession.

true velocity 308

The 22 rounds of composite-cased ammo included in the box are .308 168-grain Nosler Custom hollow-point boat-tail bullets. If you do choose to fire this ammunition it should be superbly accurate. It all comes in a modern-looking display box, which also includes a D.O.P.E. log book and a 1 MOA Tue Velocity challenge coin. MSRP for the box set is $159.99.

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