SB22: Stocking Up Ruger Rimfires

SB22: Stocking Up Ruger Rimfires
SB22 Fixed Model

A lightweight polymer chassis, SB Tactical's SB22 turned a Ruger 10/22 or Charger into your backpack's best friend.

How The SB22 Enhances Your Ruger Rimfire:

  • Weights only 17 ounces
  • At 15 inches in length, when outfitted with a folding stock or brace, fits easily into rucksack.
  • Compete with AR-style grip and M-Lok slots for accessories.
  • Aluminum instert keeps chassis rigid.
  • One leap forward in modern gun designs, one that often goes unnoticed now, is modular designs. It’s so commonplace in modern firearms designs it's almost like talking water with fish—it’s taken for granted. But flashback to the turn of the century, well, unless you were behind the trigger of an AR-15, dolling up your particular iron was doable, but quite more of an ordeal.

    SB22 Fixed Model
    SB22 Fixed Model

    Next to Eugen Stoner’s wonder rifle, perhaps among the most modular designs on the market today is Ruger’s iconic 10/22 rifle. Muzzle to buttstock, nearly every part and piece is easily interchangeable and upgradable with a vast ocean of aftermarket enhancements. One of the more intriguing to recently hit the market, the SB Tactical SB22 Chassis for the 10/22 and 22 Charger Pistol (pretty much a small 10/22). Lightweight, ridge and compact, the system opens a unique and nimble configuration to the guns that could prove downright handy on the go.

    Not SB’s First Rodeo

    Designed in conjunction with parts/accessory manufacturer Unity Tactical, the SB22 is the first non-brace product produced by SB Tactical. (Though, from what the company says, it will be far from its last.) However, some will remember the company did turn out a previous chassis upgrade for the Ruger takedown rimfires, the SBA3 Takedown Kit. This was a pistol braced package made by Adaptive Tactical, but was strictly limited to takedown 10/22s and Chargers. Plus, it was somewhat spartan with little opportunity for accessorizing.

    Stocking Up Ruger Rimfires

    As for the SB22, the 15-inch long, 1.5-inch wide chassis is much more in line with what modern shooters expect out of such a system. In addition to four M-Lok slots (two on each side) and a Picatinny optics rail, both the fixed and takedown models are outfitted with an M1913-compatible attachment point for braces and stocks.It also is outfitted with an aluminum insert, adding internal rigidity to the 17-ounce polymer chassis.

    SB22 Takedown Model
    SB22 Takedown Model

    Ergonomics are also part of the package, with a Reptilia CQG Grip (interchangeable with any AR-style options) and a recessed fore. The latter is nice, particularly with a Charger build, given it somewhat acts as a hand stop and prevents the unwanted trimming of fingers.

    Overall, the SB22 seems like a solid choice for an adaptive system for a 10/22 or Charger, especially for those with the yen for a truck gun or rucksack insurance. As to price, SB Tactical makes both the fixed and stand SB22 modes easy to get into, retailing for $125 at the company’s website.

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