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Upgrading Glock Irons With XS Sights’ Installation Tool

Carry a Glock? Want to upgrade your iron sights? One of XS Sights’ Glock sight tools will help you do it.

First Look: The Peacemaker CCW Jacket

The Self Defense Company has just released the Peacemaker CCW Jacket, designed to be both a perfect cover garment and armor carrier.

Revolver Gear: The HKS Speedloader

If you carry a defensive revolver, you’re going to want an HKS speedloader.

First Look: 17-Round Springfield Hellcat Pro Magazine

The Springfield Hellcat Pro carry pistol has just had its capacity increased with a new 17-round magazine option.

First Look: MDT ORYX Bipod

MDT has just released the ORYX bipod, a functional and affordable design available with two attachment head options.

How To Refinish A Simple Rifle Stock

When replacing it isn’t an option, here’s how to refinish a simple rifle stock.

Why You Need A Chronograph

If you want to crunch the numbers to check if your handload’s velocity expectations match reality, you’re going to need a chronograph.
Gunsmithing Tools Feature

The 11 Essential Gunsmithing Tools Every Shooter Should Have 

Here are the 11 best gunsmithing tools that every gun owner should have in their workshop.

Staying Strapped With CrossBreed Holsters

A closer look at CrossBreed Holsters and how the company strives to create the perfect symbiosis between Kydex and leather.

Go Straight: The Linear Compensator Buyer’s Guide

The author discusses what linear compensators are, what they do, if you should get one and the 7 best models to consider.

Stocking Up With AG Composites

A closer look at AG Composites and how the company builds some of the finest composite rifle stocks available.

Choosing The Right Weapon-Mounted Light

The dark isn’t your friend, so here’s how to select the best weapon-mounted light for your needs.

First Look: MDT Field Stock

If you have a Remington 700 SA-pattern rifle and have been looking for an affordable upgrade, the new MDT Field Stock has a lot to offer.

AR Handguards: KeyMod Vs. M-LOK

If you’ve been looking to build or upgrade an AR, between KeyMod vs. M-LOK handguards, which is right for you?

The 4-L Rule: Self-Defense Flashlight Techniques

Here are some top self-defense flashlight techniques for using a handheld light in conjunction with a pistol.