Hands On! Magpul PMAGs Really Work


Get them while you can! Most places are sold out, but if you can find any of the Magpul, PMAGs, buy them now. They are the best on the market and who knows what the future will bring.

Here at GDTM, we have tested PMAGS inside and out from Wisconsin to Iraq and they have never failed. Everyone we have talked to raves about them. They work. They are tough as hell and they work.

Oh yeah, I said that. Did I tell you that they work? Always. Every time.

The PMAG™ (Polymer MAGazine) is a lightweight 5.56 NATO, M-16 compatible magazine. It features a pop-off storage/dust cover that alleviates pressure from the magazine feed lips, allowing for long-term storage of loaded magazines without risk of feed lip creep that often causes malfunction in standard aluminum magazines. PMAG™ utilizes a resilient stainless steel spring for corrosion resistance.

And they work every time.

They retail for about $15 so get your hands on them right now.

Check out www.magpul.com sooner rather than later.


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