Hands On! Stoney Point Shooting Sticks


Check out Stoney Point Shooting SticksYou want to stay mobile but still have a solid shooting rest. You want to something that’s lightweight, durable and easy to use.

You want to get your hands on Stoney Point shooting sticks.

These handy little aluminum shooting sticks are everything you’d want for use in the field. The soft yet textured shooting head opens to a v-shape to cradle the forearm of the rifle and the Posi-Lock ® system means you can quickly and easily adjust the elevation with just the twist of leg.

Available in two different sizes for shooting while standing or sitting, Stoney Point shooting sticks come with a lanyard holes so you can create a quick sling and a friction lock to keep them together when you are not using them.

Best of all, they work. If you want an easy-to-use shooting platform that can go with you anywhere in the field, get your hands on a set of Stoney Point Shooting Sticks.

Check them out at www.stoneypoint.com.

Here’s the proof they work, courtesy of a ground squirrel:

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