Upgrade Your Ruger 10/22 with Archangel Kit

Bye-bye squirrel gun. Hello spec ops rifle. Simply put, when you convert your Ruger 10/22 into the Archangel 5.56 Rifle (Advanced Rimfire System), your small game plinker becomes a serious worst-case scenario weapons system.

All About Gun Cases

There are lots of styles to choose from, so make sure you get the gun case that serves your needs and protects your gun.

Stock Options for AR-15s

This chapter excerpt from the Gun Digest Book of the AR-15, Vol. II, covers stock options for the AR-15.

Hands On! The Best Gun Cleaning Kit

The Otis gun cleaning system is simply the best gun cleaning kit in the world. Now Otis is offering something for the most popular calibers and weapons in the world.

Get the Shooter’s Eye with New Wiley X Reign

Made by a company known for advanced vision protection used by combat troops, special warfare operators and law enforcement agencies worldwide, these glasses far exceed ANSI Z87.1 and ANSI Z80.3 safety and optical standards.

Hands On! Magpul PMAGs Really Work

Here at GDTM, we have tested PMAGS inside and out from Wisconsin to Iraq and they have never failed. Everyone we have talked to raves about them. They work. They are tough as hell and they work. Oh yeah, I said that. Did I tell you that they work? Always. Every time.

Hands On! The Toughest Scope You’ll Ever Shoot

The Nightforce is burly enough to take a beating, yet gracefully maintains synergy with both heavy and light firearms.

Hands On! Command Arms Accessories

Looking for the ultimate pistol grip for your AR? The UPG 16 - a six-piece interchangeable pistol grip for M16/AR15 and similar type firearms - is it.

Glock Tools in One Box

Glock owners love the simplicity of these hard-working duty guns. Now Brownell's is offering a simple tool to handle all servicing of your Glock pistol.

Hands On! Spyderco P’Kal is the Latest Wave

Sometimes you just want your knife opened quickly and there is really no quicker way to flip open a blade than with a Wave system.

5.11 Tactical No-Battery Light Sets New Standard

5.11's revolutionary flashlight re-charges in 90 seconds, operates without batteries and lasts virtually forever.

Hands On! Alpen Apex Binoculars Great for Duty Use

The Alpen APEX binos, Model 495 offer 10x42 magnification in an amazingly small and tough package.

Handgun Maintenance for Reliability

A dirty gun will eventually start to affect reliability. Because you don't know when you'll need your weapon, it's imperative to keep it cleaned and lubricated after each shooting session.

Hands On! Trijicon Reflex Gets You On Target, Fast

The new Trijicon Reflex is a non-magnified, self-luminous sight engineered to provide additional light gathering capabilities.

Hands On! Wiley X Gives Eyes Fashion, Function

These glasses look good and provide extra protection against flying debris and dust.

Hands On! Spyderench Does it All

A stout, rugged and well-equipped multi-tool stands out from the rest of the pack.


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