Adapter Opens Stock Options for 20-Gauge Remington 870

Adapter Opens Stock Options for 20-Gauge Remington 870

mesa-stockThere's little doubt 20-gauge shotguns are gaining popularity as defensive firearms. And with Mesa Tactical's new stock adapter for the Remington 870, the smaller bore guns can now be decked out with a slew of different stocks.

When it comes to tactical shotguns, there seems to be a developing trend. Slowly, but surely, more and more shooters are looking at the 20-gauge as a defensive option.

The 20-gauge might not be the top choice for an operator looking to breach solid-core doors in a hot zone. There is, however, a case to be made for the more petite bore as a firearm to defend hearth and home.

Arguably, its lighter recoil makes it an easier to shoot gun. And, the 20-gauge shotgun still offers plenty of stopping power when loaded with the right shells.

Mesa Tactical is looking to harness these and other assets of the 20-gauge with the introduction of its newest product. The Lucy Adapter aims to make one of the most popular 20-gauge models even more versatile.

The cast-steel adapter creates a ton of versatility for Remington 870s chambered in 20-gauge, by allowing the addition of a 12-gauge stock. This seems to be an elegant solution, given the little piece of parkerized metal opens a wealth of stock options, given there are more 12-gauge accessories on the market.

The Lucy is simply a coupler that bolts to the back of the 870’s receiver, then allows the larger 12-gauge stock attach to the smaller frame. The device, according to Mesa Tactical, maintains the stock's rigidity and functionality.

The Lucy Adapter is simply bolted to the rear of a 20-gauge shotgun's receiver, it is then ready to accept a new stock.
The Lucy Adapter is simply bolted to the rear of a 20-gauge shotgun's receiver, it is then ready to accept a new stock.

The company’s catalog claims the adapter is compatible with any 870 12-gauge stock. This obviously includes Mesa’s models, such as its Urbino Stock, its telescoping stock kits and its hydraulic buffer system.

The stock adapter received its unusual name, according to a Mesa Tactical press release, due to one of its employees. The company’s sales director Lucy Espinoza was an advocate for the development of the adapter in response to customer requests and also as a fan of the 20-gauge.

Perhaps the most striking part of the Lucy Adapter is it appears to open a ton of options for just a little bit of money. Mesa lists the adapter with a MSRP of $20.


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