Video: Ingenious Oil-Filter Suppressor

Video: Ingenious Oil-Filter Suppressor

The past couple years, there has been no shortage of suppressor-related merchandise to hit the market.

From suppressor-ready rifles to silencers for shotguns, it seems every company wants to make noise with the accessory. But what might be the simplest take on the device to come down the pike could also be one of the coolest.

The Cadiz Gun Work’s Econo Can is little more than an adapter, connecting a firearm to an oil filter. And while it might sound crazy, as the above video shows, it appears to work pretty dang well.

There is definitely a grind-house-movie cool factor in strapping a can with STP on the side to the muzzle of a gun. But there is also a practical reason behind an oil-filter suppressor – cost.

The price of the most affordable manufactured suppressors is effectively doubled due to the $200 NFA tax stamp required to own one. The Econo Can – a registered suppressor with the ATF – still requires the stamp, but retails for only $85 on Cadiz website.

The really neat thing about this dandy little device is it puts a suppressor within reach of any shooter – that's definitely not something to keep quiet about.


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  1. Why would anyone spend $285 for a device that has an ongoing cost of $10 each time you use it. The comments of dscarms are spot on. The can contents self destruct causing back-up damage to the weapon. PLUS the technical BATF stamp requires the silencer to be registered as a whole unit NOT just the adaptor so you need to use the identical filter every time in order to keep your stamp valid. As far as going thru a FFL there is no reason to involve an FFL anyone can create their own silencer and apply for a stamp as long as you have the documentation of how you did it. The adaptor is also available on Ebay and about 30 other places to adapt a filter to a reduced threaded opening. Just because the fitting is a reduction coupler does NOT make it a silencer until you adapt it to your weapon so the adaptor itself is not BATF item per se. Buy one and screw it on a milled end of a gun and it becomes necessary to register it as a stamp. On that registration is a place for EXACT dimensions hence the reason you will need to use the same filter over and over again. Or of course lose your stamp. Sorry but I would prefer to buy one that allows accessories to work with it’s size not burn up as it did on the video and not back-up junk into my weapon. PLUS last a good long time rather then 30 shots. Dr D

  2. Do Not Waste your Time OR Money ~!!!! While this seems like a ingenious idea – Do not waste you time or money on this – I tested one on an AR15 and the results were dismal at best! The main problem is after 10 rapid fire shots the oil filter material inside of the filter, mostly paper and neoprene seals with some steel reinforcements, Melt and catch fire and with the back pressure created by the suppressor action from firing the rounds causes this loose burning material to travel back down the barrel, the gas system, and even the bolt carrier and bolt face causing the gun to jam and no longer function. It took 20 minutes to clean up the mess and get the AR15 functional again. If you want a suppressor – then pay the money and get a suppressor instead of a gimmick that could ruin your gun! BTW We are a 07SOT licensed NFA manufacturer for suppressors.

  3. Too bad you can’t use your iron sights if you add this adapter. Scope with tall rings or an elevated red dot appear to be the only option. And let’s see a .308 / 7.62 demonstration. Probably not nearly as close of a comparison to a “real” suppressor. I think if you are going to the trouble of registering with the ATF you may as well get the real thing.

  4. What you fail to mention is that this can ONLY be sent to an FFL dealer AFTER all proper paperwork has been filed & approved! This CANNOT be shipped directly to a private residence! This is important information and must be included in the video demonstration!


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