SecureIt Gun Safe Organization Kit – Firearms Within Reach

SecureIt Gun Safe Organization Kit – Firearms Within Reach
SecureIt Tactical's MILSPEC Conversion Kit looks to whip nearly any gun safe into shape.

A gun safe can be an organizational nightmare. But SecureIt offers a system that can whip any gunlocker into shape – no matter how many gun accessories or firearms need storage.

Anyone who owns a gun safe knows the one major drawback of the security device – accessibility.

You want that .30-30 that lives way in the back of the safe, but it requires a minor project to pull it out. First, three or four other firearms have to be removed just to get at the rifle. Then once it’s retrieved, all the guns have to be replaced.

SecureIt Tactical has come up with some elegant solutions to this problem.

The New York company has designed a storage system that allows direct access to all firearms stored in a safe. We highlighted one such product earlier this year, when SecureIt released its MILSPEC Safe.

The company, however, also has an option – they were quick to point out – for those who are not looking to upgrade to a new safe. SecureIt also offers a retrofitting alternative it calls the MILSPEC Conversion Kit.

In essence, the kit is meant to offer all the benefits of a MILSPEC Safe, without having to purchase an entirely new one in the process.

The main advantage of the SecureIt system appears to be the straight-line access it allows to firearms. Unlike the scenario elaborated at the beginning of this post, the military-style storage allows access to a gun without having to shuffle through other firearms.

This concept seems fairly logical, giving shooters the piece of mind of keeping their firearms under lock and key. But also, giving them quick and easy access to a firearm if the situation calls for it.

SecureIt Tactical's MILSPEC Conversion Kit looks to whip nearly any gun safe into shape.
SecureIt Tactical's MILSPEC Conversion Kit looks to whip nearly any gun safe into shape.

SecureIt’s MILSPEC Conversion kit consists of two 17.25”x16” steel louvered back panels, one lower rifle shelf, six upper saddles and 12 (two per firearm) lower saddles. The system bolts into nearly any existing safe or gun locker – steel or wood.

In larger safes, the system can work in conjunction with the pre-installed traditional storage system (watch the above video for more information on that end). And it doesn’t look to skimp on volume, with the kit set up to hold six long guns.

The system is completely adjustable and can safely store a full-sized shotgun as easily as it can a carbine-length AR. Both the upper and lower saddles can be moved until the desired storage specifications are achieved.

Another point touted by SecureIt, is the system is also easier on optics. In particular, with the way guns are stored in the system an optic should almost never bang against a firearm or another optic.

The MILSPEC Conversion Kit is presently listed at $199 on SecureIt’s website.


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