Luth-AR Releases Sidekick Balance Weight

Luth-AR Releases Sidekick Balance Weight

Luth-AR has just released the Sidekick Balance Weight for MBA-1 and MBA-2 rifle stocks.

The MBA-1 and MBA-2 from Luth-AR are two very popular choices for aftermarket precision AR stocks. Besides providing a height-adjustable cheek riser, the MBA-1 also features length of pull adjustability and attachment points for QD sling cups and an accessory rail. The MBA-2 has essentially the same features but an even greater degree of modularity. One more accessory option has just been added to the lineup, however, and that’s the Luth-AR Sidekick Balance Weight.


The Sidekick Balance Weight attaches to any MBA-1 or MBA-2 buttstock via three included bolts, so assembly is quick and easy. Once installed, the weight adds 14.5 ounces (0.91 pounds) to the buttstock. While this isn’t an accessory that everyone could benefit from, for certain precision shooters it could be very useful. Whether looking to mitigate the recoil of a bench rifle or improve the balance of a front-heavy build, the Sidekick Balance Weight is an easy and inexpensive way to accomplish it for those who use Luth-AR MBA-1 or MBA-2 buttstocks.


It makes sense that these are the stock systems that the weight was first developed for, as they are the two models compatible with A2-length buffer tubes and are what would most commonly be found on precision rifle builds. The Luth-AR MBA-3, -4 and -5 stocks may be designed for carbines, but the eventual release of a weight system that is compatible with some or all of those models would not be unwelcomed.


The Sidekick Balance Weight is made in America, constructed of carbon steel with a manganese phosphate finish and has an MSRP of $69.95. It's available now.

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