Lockdown: Smart Gun Safe Accessories

Lockdown: Smart Gun Safe Accessories
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Lockdown’s gun safe accessories do more than keep your arsenal under lock and key, their catalog is full of products designed to organize, secure, and protect your firearms.


How Can Lockdown Products Help You?

  • Better Securing Your Collection With Smart Technology
  • Keeping Your Collection Dry And Protected
  • Concealing Weapons Around Your House For Easy Access
  • Better Organizing Your Safe's Contents
  • Lighting Your Safe's Interior

It happens fast. One day you’re a casual gun owner with a small collection that all fits neatly inside your safe. Then suddenly you wake up in a room littered with weaponry, unable to reach the light switch without knocking over enough rifles to arm a militia with. Don’t feel bad, it happens, but it's time to make a change.

Besides the obvious security hazards this method of storage presents, it also wreaks havoc on your collection’s physical condition. Like anything made of metal, guns are susceptible to moisture-related damage and are happiest when kept dry—something that’s not easy to do when your collection is strewn about the house. Even when kept in a gun safe, most of those are not controlled for humidity or temperature. Under the right set of conditions, your gun safe could act as a moisture-trapping sauna, turning your nicely blued revolvers and shotguns to a lovely shade of orange.

Before this happens to you, check out Lockdown’s catalog of gun-safe accessories designed to help organize your collection and keep it as safe from humidity as it is from robbery.

The Puck

Perhaps Lockdown’s flagship product, The Puck is a Wi-Fi-based device that pairs with the Lockdown Logic smartphone app. Monitoring several aspects of your gun safe’s condition, it is ready to notify you through the app if it detects anything out of the ordinary. The parameters and notifications are fully customizable, so you can configure exactly how and for what reasons The Puck will notify you.

Designed to provide full peace of mind, The Puck acts as both a security and condition-monitoring device. It can notify you through the app if the safe door has been opened, or act as an alarm if it detects motion or tampering. The Puck also monitors the temperature and humidity inside of your safe and alerts you if those conditions fluctuate outside your set parameters. With The Puck installed in your safe, all it takes is checking the Lockdown Logic app to be certain that your guns are safe, dry and happy.

Check Out The Puck

The Puck

Gun Concealment Magnet

When it comes to your home defense gun, it’s not always easy to balance security with accessibility. There have been many attempted solutions to this over the years, most of which were complicated and expensive. Sometimes simpler is better, and Lockdown’s Gun Concealment Magnet is an elegant and inexpensive solution to this problem.

Assuming small children are not a common presence in your home, a pistol magnetically attached to the underside of a table is not only very well hidden, but quickly accessible as well. While this method is not as secure as being stored in a proper safe, it offers unparalleled retrieval time. With Lockdown’s Gun Concealment Magnet, you could be relaxing at home on your couch watching a movie and be only seconds away from being armed.

This system is ideal for pistols, but two magnets can be used to hang a rifle or shotgun. The magnets are coated in non-marring rubber to protect your firearm’s finish, and each one comes with wood and drywall screws for easy mounting.

Learn More About The Gun Concealment Magnet

gun concealment magnet

Handgun Racks

Many gun safes are only designed for long guns and have no designated area for pistol storage. This often results in people choosing to store their handguns unsecured or to just unceremoniously pile them inside of their safes. Storing them in a more organized manner can keep them better protected from scratching, and handgun racks are a great way to do that. Lockdown has four different handgun rack options available to suit your needs and style.

Lockdown’s handgun racks are available in either barrel-up or barrel-down styles and come in a few different sizes. Assuming that your safe can accommodate one of these racks, they are a great way to organize a collection.

Check Out Lockdown Handgun Rack

Hnadgun Rack

Handgun Hangers

For those with safes that may not have space for a handgun rack, another elegant solution from Lockdown is their handgun hangers. Designed to be hung on the inside of a safe door, these hangars come in two varieties. There is a single handgun hanger unit as well as a longer one that can hold either three pistols or one AR upper.

Both units include provisions for securely mounting the hangers to either a carpeted or metal-safe door. These hold fewer handguns than handgun racks, but offer a more compact way of doing so.

Learn More About Lockdown Handgun Hanger

Handgun Hanger

Golden Rod Dehumidifier

Lockdown’s best-selling safe accessory is their Golden Rod Dehumidifier Rod. Once plugged into a power source, the Golden Rod can remove moisture from a 100 cubic foot area. These are an excellent way to combat moisture not just in gun safes, but in any area that needs help staying dry. It works by constantly heating the air around it to create a convection current, thus preventing rust from building on metal surfaces.

The Golden Rod is available in 12, 18, 24, and 36-inch varieties.

More Info On The Golden Rod Dehumidifier

Golden Rod

Silica Gel

Another excellent safe accessory to keep your guns moisture and rust-free is Lockdown’s Silica Gel. Available in either 40-gram or 750-gram sizes, these metal capsules of silica absorb moisture out of the air to keep the inside of your safe nice and dry. The crystals inside change color when fully saturated, so you know when it's time to recharge them in the oven.

Learn More About Lockdown Silica Gel

Silica Gel

Good gun owners store their firearms properly, and Lockdown has a plethora of products available to help you do just that. Whether you are after increased security, humidity control, organization methods, or even just lighting, Lockdown has the right gun-safe accessories for the job.

For more information on Lockdown products and gun safe accessories, please visit lockdown.com.

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