4 Top Handgun Safe Choices For Security And Access

4 Top Handgun Safe Choices For Security And Access

Keep your self-defense gun secure and accessible with these excellent handgun safe options.

What are the top handgun safe choices available:

Keeping a handgun secure, yet at the ready — it seems like a paradox. But over the years, the apparently incompatible concepts have all but become bosom buddies. Thank the handgun safe for this match made in home-security heaven.

The relatively simple storage systems have been refined to the point they offer nearly-holster quick access to a pistol or revolver, while at the same time keeping them secure from potential thieves or little hands. Nowadays, the market is flooded with these rapid-access beauties, which can make finding your best option a bit of a haul. But we’ve streamlined the process, gathering together was we think are among the best when it comes to handgun storage, security and access. So, without further ado, here are four of the top options when it comes to quick-access handgun safes.

Fort Knox Pistol Box

Fort Knox
In general, rapid access does not equate to true security. The Fort Knox Pistol Box is the notable exception. With a 10-gauge steel body and 3/16-inch plate steel door, quite simply the handgun safe is built like a brick privy and impervious to all but the most serious attacks. At the same tick, the Pistol Box still qualifies as rapid access, given the Simplex Mechanical Lock is one of the quickest and most reliable keying mechanism on the market today. It’s as fast if not faster than any electronic lock. Furthermore, once unlocked, gas struts fling the top open so you aren’t left fumbling for your gun. The 10 1/4″ X 3 5/8″ X 8 1/4″ safe has room enough for one full-sized pistol or two compacts, it's foam and carpet lined to protect your firearms' finish, comes outfitted with four pre-drilled bolt-down holes and has an attractive antique silver powder-coat finish. The Pistol Box is a perfect addition as a bedstand gun safe, attached to the floor of a car or anywhere where you might need a handgun in the blink of an eye, and secured the rest of the time. MSRP: $252 www.ftknox.com

Hornady Security RAPiD

When something goes bump in the night the last thing you want to do is fumble with a handgun safe lock — mechanical, electric or otherwise. Through RFID technology, Hornady has eliminated the need to with its extremely convenient RAPiD line of gun safes. The touch-free entry system unlocks the 16-gauge steel box at the swipe of a wristband, key fob or decal. The decal is especially clever, giving you the ability to make an everyday carry item your key — be it a smartphone, money clip or anything else. Engineered to operate in blackout conditions, RAPiD safes feature AC and battery power, and for the sake of redundancy, Hornady has also outfitted the small safes with keypad and lock-and-key entry. RAPiD safes secure via a 1,500-pound rated security cable, have a foam-lined interior and come in three sizes to hold different sizes of handgun or multiple firearms. MSRP: Start at $169 www.hornady.com

GunVault SpeedVault

SpeedVault Handgun Safe
How quickly you get into a handgun safe is only part of the equation. Equally important is how accessible the contents are once it’s unlocked. One of the most unique rapid-access systems on the market, SpeedVault presents a handgun ready to draw once the unit opens. This is facilitated by the 18-gauge steel safe’s drop-down drawer design that opens with the handgun in a holster-like position. Plush foam keeps the firearm in place and ready for action, while protecting the finish, and an internal lighting system helps you get your bearings. Ideal for stowing a handgun in less-conventional places than the nightstand, SpeedVault’s vertical design makes it ideal hidden under a desk, behind a large piece of furniture or in a cabinet. A four-button keypad gives quick access, but you never have to worry about getting locked out if the 9-volt battery runs low with SpeedVault’s redundant barrel lock. Though, GunVault makes it a snap to keep on top of battery changes, with an audible and LED light low-power alert system. MSRP: $279 www.gunvault.com

Secure More Gun Safe Knowledge:

Stealth Tactical Handgun Hanger

Handgun Safe Tactical
Limited capacity, it’s the catch with a majority of handgun safes. Even so-called large ones, there’s space for two guns and maybe (big maybe) a spare magazine. This is simply not an issue with the Handgun Hanger. Stealth Tactical’s gun safe has room enough for five handguns and amazingly they’re not all stacked on top of each other. Through a revolutionary hanger system, three guns are at the ready with the butts presented when the door drops. An additional two stow on the bottom of the 9″x 9″x 12″ safe as backups. More than simply a quick way to get to a gun, the Handgun Hanger is a legitimate storage system for shooters with limited space. For fast access, the pistol safe’s four-button keypad stores your choice of six combinations and has the options of visual and audio feedback when the code is entered. Spring loaded, the 3/8-inch thick steel door flips open when unlocked and an internal light lets you see what you’re reaching for. The Handgun hanger comes pre-drilled for bolt down and with a security cable if drilling into furniture or your floor isn’t an option. MSRP: $299 www.stealthtac.com

Was your top choice on the list? Did we miss a gem? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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