First Look: Ed Brown M&P Shield Magazines

First Look: Ed Brown M&P Shield Magazines

Ed Brown, a company famous for its supremely reliable aftermarket 1911 mags, has just expanded its catalog to include S&W M&P Shield magazines.

A semi-auto handgun is only as reliable as its best magazine, something that is an especially important consideration when it comes to 1911-style pistols. This has been Ed Brown’s focus for more than 50 years, but in an interesting shakeup, the company has just announced that they will begin producing S&W M&P shield magazines in 9mm as well. While the M&P shield is not known for having magazine reliability issues like the 1911 is infamous for, those who carry one could always benefit from the additional peace of mind provided by top-of-the-line gear.


The new M&P Shield magazines are made of stainless steel and hold 8 rounds, and each will also include a spacer to eliminate the gap between the slightly longer-than-standard mag and the bottom of the grip. These new mags are only compatible with the standard 9mm M&P Shield, but because Ed Brown intends to continue expanding its catalog, the eventual release of M&P Plus or EZ magazines would not be surprising.


Ed Brown Sales and Marketing Director John May said this about the company’s recent expansion:

As we continue to expand our parts and accessories, it is clear why Ed Brown has been the leader. We continue to use our knowledge and experience to serve our customer’s needs. If you have not checked out Ed Brown in a while, you had better look again.


The new magazines are available now and have an MSRP of $34.99, which is about the same price that S&W OEM versions are currently retailing for online. With a price like that, it makes your next M&P shield magazine purchase a no-brainer.

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  1. Congratulations to Ed Brown making Smith & Wesson Shield magazines I’d buy some but my shields are .40! I guess I’ll just wait n see!!!


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