Faxon Introduces Glock 19 Modular Mag Extensions

Faxon Introduces Glock 19 Modular Mag Extensions

Faxon’s new modular Glock 19 mag extensions give you an edge without destroying your gear.


Faxon Glock 19 Mag Extension Options:

  • Black: +3, +5, Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Gray: +3, +5, Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Gold: Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Red: Combo (+3 and +5)
  • Blue: Combo (+3 and +5)

When concealability isn’t an issue more ammo is always better, and for home defense, competition or SHTF type pistol setup, extended magazines are a great way to keep your gun in action longer. Unfortunately, classic Glock “stendo” mags are cartoonishly long and cumbersome when inserted into a handgun and are much better suited for pistol-caliber carbines and rap music videos. This is why for the last few years several companies have been competing to make magazine extension devices that are as efficient as possible, attempting to fit the greatest capacity into the smallest size. Now, Faxon Firearms has announced their latest stab at this concept with their modular Glock 19 magazine extension kits.

faxon extender kit

Magazine extenders have generally been accepted as the preferred alternative to off-the-shelf extended magazines due to their higher reliability and smaller size. One of the biggest downsides to many of the existing kits on the market is that permanent alterations must be made to your magazine in order to install them. Faxon’s modular mag extensions can be installed on factory Glock mags without any modification necessary, and they even utilize many of the factory components in the extended configuration. Only the +5 extensions require a new spring, but they are included in the box.

faxon extender modular

Whether purchasing a single-size extension or one of Faxon’s combo options, all sets include the necessary Allen keys and screws required for installation. After the magazine extension adaptor has been installed, the modular nature of the design allows for quick and easy switching between the +3 and +5 baseplates. Made of aluminum, Faxon’s extensions are available anodized in a variety of colors. The black and gray kits for more serious setups are available individually as +3 or +5 models, while the flashier colors for competition shooters may only be purchased in the combo kits. MSRP for the different extension options ranges from $50 to $75 and all come backed by Faxon’s lifetime guarantee.

For more information on Faxon Firearms, please visit faxonfirearms.com.

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