New Gear: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro CMR-300

New Gear: Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro CMR-300

With four lighting and aiming functions, the Rail Master Pro CMR-300 gives long guns a tactical advantage.

What the Rail Master Pro CMR-300 brings to the table:

    • The Rail Master Pro CMR-300 attaches to any Picatinny rail or similar system.
    • The flashlight provides 300 lumens of illumination.
    • It projects a .5-inch green laser dot at 50 feet.
    • The functions can work in unison, independently and as strobes.

Tactical experts and self-defense trainers typically preach simplicity when it comes to self-defense guns. It’s solid advice, given the fewer accessories you have to rely on, the fewer weak links you have in your chain.

Where they typically veer from this mantra is low-light situations. Generally speaking, something that gets you on target when the sun is down and shadows are long is a must. And when it comes to long guns, tritium sights just aren’t the answer. Even if a shooter has a natural aversion to lights and laser sights, they are advisable to ensure efficient and safe self-defense with a carbine or shotgun.

Rail-Master-Pro-CMR-300-first - Rail Master Pro CMR-300

Crimson Trace has taken this situation to heart and has cooked up an elegant and unobtrusive solution for just such scenarios. The Rail Master Pro CMR-300 provides superior lighting and aiming with a long gun while remaining nearly a second thought the rest of the time.

Compared to other laser sight-flashlight systems, the Rail Master Pro CMR-300 goes above and beyond aiming and providing vital light. In all, it offers four functions: laser + light, laser only, light only and laser + light strobe. The last setting is an intriguing one, giving the ability not only to identify potential assailants, but discombobulate them as well.

And it should do a heck of a job doing so. With 300 lumens, the flashlight alone is enough to set a person on their heels if switched on in the pitch black.

The laser sight is optimized for low-light operation, given it is green — which is easier to acquire when light is scarce. It projects a .5-inch dot at 50 feet, arming the user with the ability to make precise shots. And it has plenty of juice, with the unit operating for two continuous hours on one CR123 lithium battery. Additionally, the laser is fully adjustable for windage and elevation.

Built with a water-resistant aluminum and polymer chassis, Crimson Trace designed the Rail Master Pro CMR-300 for the toughest duty. And it made it as intuitive as a trigger squeeze to operate, with a rear Instant Activation toggle pad.

The Rail Master Pro CMR-300 is easily mountable at home; all that is required is a Picatinny rail or similar system 2 ¾ inches in length. In turn, almost every popular defensive long gun — AR, AK, shotgun — is a candidate to host the device.

Crimson Trace did not release an MSRP or date it would hit the stores.


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