Best Compensator Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Best Compensator Buyer’s Guide (2023)

Updated 10/12/2023

Looking to tame the recoil of your rifle or carry pistol? Here are 8 top compensator options to consider.

Once a niche item, compensators have entered the mainstream of muzzle devices. Not only are they available for a variety of rifles, both generically and for specific models, but they are now making their way onto handguns too.

Not just on competition guns either, but on carry pistols as well.

This should come as no surprise, as materials have gotten lighter and ammunition more advanced. The need to control small, lightweight guns has led many to seek out better ways of balancing the power and recoil against the weight.

While not a complete list by any stretch of the imagination, here are some highlights of currently available compensators for some popular rifles and pistols.

8 Top Compensators:

Precision Armament M11 Severe-Duty 6.5mm


Cartridges like the 6.5 Creedmoor have become exceedingly popular in the last decade. While many companies continue to make .30-caliber muzzle devices that work very well with the 6.5 family, others decided to design new, dedicated models for 6.5 Creedmoor.

The M11 Severe-Duty 6.5mm is a combination muzzle brake and compensator that not only reduces recoil, but also eliminates muzzle jump.

This comp can make an excellent addition to not only a bolt-action precision rifle, but also to rifles like the AR10 which may be fired from the shoulder rapidly.

A precision compensator such as this is not a disadvantage on a bolt-action, though if shooting from support the compensator feature is not going to be used to its full effect. MSRP: $109.99-119.99 //

Samson Shield Pocket Comp


Small handguns can be snappy and hard to master.  If you find that to be the case with your S&W M&P Shield, Samson has you covered.

The Pocket Comp is a small addition to your gun, and it is contoured to blend with the slide and frame.

Like most compensators out there, you’ll need to provide your own threaded barrel, but once you have one the pocket comp installs easily with no gunsmithing.

Unlike single port pistol comps, the Pocket Comp has venting on the top and sides to reduce recoil and prevent muzzle jump. It is a very well-designed and thought-out product that can help tame even the snappiest of carry loads. MSRP: $66.95 //

ZEV PRO Compensator V2 For Glocks


Compensators on pistols have become very much a hot ticket item in the last couple of years. There have been many attempts at making these as a general product, but ultimately, they’re better off when specialized for a specific model.

The ZEV V2 for Glock pistols is one such product and could be considered one of the best options for your carry gun. The compensator itself attaches to the threaded barrel of your choice, and if you have a Glock 19, it will make your gun the same footprint as a Glock 34.

It will add length to your barrel and will impact your draw time as well, something to consider if you intend to carry it often.

This is a very popular model and unlike other pistol compensators out there, it requires no thread-locker to time it correctly. Note that in a low light scenario this will not act as a flash hider.

Because it is a single port design, some of the muzzle flash will be vented up which may affect your sight picture. MSRP: $104 //

Tactical Solutions 10/22 X-Ring Performance Comp


The Ruger 10/22 is not exactly known for being a brute on the shoulder. Likewise, the .22 LR cartridge is not known as a caliber that produces significant muzzle rise when shooting.

Nevertheless, some people like to remove any jump at the muzzle, even in something as small as a .22 caliber rifle. In a gun as light as the 10/22, there may be the slightest of muzzle rise, but in general, putting a compensator on a rimfire rifle is mostly a cosmetic addition.

There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, the vast majority of compensators and muzzle brakes are designed to look cool in addition to functioning as advertised.

If you want to spruce up your backyard plinker while taming the negligible recoil, go ahead and throw on a compensator, it really can only add to the fun. MSRP: $65 //

CMMG Zeroed 5.56 Linear Compensator


In terms of the overall design, the CMMG Linear Compensator is as simple as it gets. What is not so simple about it is how it reduces muzzle rise.

Instead of venting the gas upwards to control climb, it redirects the gas directly forward, thus dissipating it in front of the muzzle. Not only is this comp an effective means of controlling muzzle flip, but it also manages to accomplish this task with a very minimal profile.

This is one of the smallest compensators for 5.56mm rifles on the market, being barely larger than a standard A2 flash hider. If you are going for something minimal or want to achieve a more classic look, this is definitely a good choice that won’t interrupt the lines of your build. MSRP: $74.95 //

Strike Industries AR Cookie Cutter Comp


As far as compensators go, the Cookie Cutter Comp is anything but a cookie-cutter design.

Strike industries went outside of the box to make a dedicated short-barreled brake that is not only effective, but also adds minimal length while matching the outside diameter of many types of handguards.

The brake also works as a glass breaker. In terms of recoil control, the Cookie Cutter is well-suited for lightweight and short guns, but it is noted that it is not a flash hider which means that you should expect a large degree of muzzle flash when firing. MSRP: $68.95 //

Tandemkross Game Changer PRO Comp For Ruger PC Carbines


Since Ruger introduced the popular PC Carbine, there has been an explosion of accessories made for it.

Chambered for popular pistol cartridges–.40 S&W and 9mm–the lightweight rifle accepts Ruger magazines as well as Glock-pattern ones with the use of an adapter. By far the most popular version of this rifle is the 9mm.

Because it is so light, some shooters find the muzzle rises during strings of rapid-fire. Because of this, the Game Changer Pro compensator was introduced, and it adds a good amount of weight to the muzzle thanks to its all-steel construction and robust size.

The compensator not only helps control muzzle rise during firing by redirecting gasses, but by balancing the overall weight as well. With one of these, your PC Carbine or other compatible 9mm PCC should stay right on target as you plink away. MSRP: $59.99 //



Surefire has been in the muzzle device game for quite some time. They make some of the more effective models out there, and many have been used in combat across the world.

The PROCOMP brakes are excellent for those who want a name-brand product at a reasonable price, but also have no interest in mounting a suppressor.

Unlike Surefire’s other available muzzle devices, the PROCOMP is not compatible with the company’s suppressors. It’s a bit long compared to some other compensators, which is a downside, but if you are looking for excellent recoil control while firing rapidly this is a great option at a great price. MSRP: $99 //

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