Wisconsin Concealed Carry: Businesses Required to Post No Carry Signs

Wisconsin Concealed Carry: Businesses Required to Post No Carry Signs

Wisconsin will soon be the 49th state to allow residents to carry concealed weapons, but there are places where carrying a weapon still won't be allowed. Business owners will now have to post signs indicating they do not allow weapons in their buildings.

The debate over concealed carry moved from Madison to Main St. Almost every business owner in the state must soon decide whether they will allow concealed weapons on their property, some having already done it.

The law has a provision that allows business owners to post a sign at the entrance of their business prohibiting concealed guns.

Starship Tattoos in Greenfield has decided to allow concealed carry in their shop. Owner James Purvis says, “This [permit] is good in 30 states.”

Pervis says concealed weapons will be allowed in his shop once the bill is signed. “I will not post a sign. I feels it's everybody's right to carry a gun where ever they need to carry a gun.” Read more

Source: fox6now.com

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