What are you willing to fight for?


The flag still stands for freedom and they can't take that away!


Leave it to the People's Republik of Californicators to tell a kid he can't display an American Flag on his bike as he rides to school… seems there was some racial tension when some students (are they here legally or are they adding to California's debt by getting free education without paying taxes? ) displayed the Mexican flag on May 5 and others countered by carrying the Stars and Stripes.

Let's make this clear… this is the United States of America… we all came here from somewhere else because it is better here. So the flag that flies here should be our flag… the Stars and Stripes… and no other flag. Yes, I'm fine with you being an African-American, Mexican-American or a German-American. Hell, I am a Polish-American… but in the end.. when all is said and done, you are an American. You came here because our way of life is better. Assimilate and continue to make it better.



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