Video: Armed Pizza Delivery Man Thwarts Attack


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MOBILE, Alabama (WALA) – Bennett Dean, Jr. has worked for several pizza restaurants in Mobile over the past ten years.

He said therewasn't anything special about the call that came in this weekend, but the delivery turned out to be anything but routine.

“Got adelivery going to Elmira Street. I checked the delivery out, got it down
there,” Dean said. Dean said there were no lights on at the house, so he had to use his spotlight to find the address. “It's not uncommon for people to have their porch light off, but I wish they'd have it on, but when I got out I got maybe two or three feet up the sidewalk, and when I got that far up he came out from the side of the porch and had a shotgun on me,” Dean said.

Instead of panicking,Dean did something the robber wasn't expecting. “I dropped my pizza bag when I drew my weapon, and that got his attention. He glanced to the side, and when he glanced, I just drew my weapon, and he ran off, almost instantaneously,” he explained. Read more


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