Video: Appendix Carry Lesson with Rob Pincus

Video: Appendix Carry Lesson with Rob Pincus

Rob Pincus goes over some basics of every man's most nerve-racking form of concealed carry—appendix carry. Learn how it's done and why you should give it a try.

Source: The Talking Lead Channel

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  1. The majority of the time when I carry, it’s appendix style, occasionally crossdraw hip, usually only when I carry a 1911. I often hear mention of holster type and being able to re-holster easily. Seriously, except for in training, I really don ‘t care about the ease of re-holstering if I just shot someone to save a life. Odds are I am not going to want to re-holster, unless I am under attack by a couple others that appear on the scene. I really don’t think I would re-holster until I was secure with the situation and then I am not really too concerned about how easily it can be done, it’s of little importance in my opinion.


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