Top 10 Guns You Should Request For Father’s Day


Mossberg 590 Shockwave

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Ask for the gift of intimidation this Father’s Day with this wicked number. The 590 Shockwave packs all the punch of a 12-guage in a compact and highly functional 26.5-inch platform. And outfitted with Shockwave Technologies’ bird’s head grip, the six-round scattergun is surprisingly easy to shoot. Best of all, classified by the ATF as a firearm — NOT a short-barreled shotgun — Mossberg’s new pump-action is a Non-NFA Firearm, and requires no additional paperwork or tax stamps. With a $455 MSRP, you won’t break the bank with this nasty beauty this Father’s Day.

Sure, you’ll smile and act politely happy over that grotesque olive and paisley tie or discount aisle “World’s No. 1 Dad” coffee mug come Father’s Day. But down deep we know you were hoping for more. Something to satiate your always-itchy trigger finger and calm the twitch in your dominant shooting eye.

Well, this is the year to finally break that string of forgettable Father’s Day gifts and get what you really want and will always use. Of course we mean the ultimate salute to all your dadly duties, a brand-spanking-new gun. We’re here to help.

Here are 10 ammo-eating, made-for-dad firearms you should be asking for this Father’s Day. And these, we promise, will not end up in the back of your bedroom closet or in a garage sale, next to that dang ugly tie.

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