Retired Officer Shoots Suspect During Attempted Armed Robbery


Two suspects are in custody after they tried to rob a retired SBPD officer at gunpoint Wednesday night in South Bend. The retired officer shot at least one of them during the altercation.

Two suspects are in custody after the attempted armed robbery of a retired SBPD officer on Thursday night in South Bend.

It happened just before 8:00 p.m. in the 1000-block of Woodbine Way, south of the airport.

Police say two brothers,18-year-old Presley Brown and 22-year-old Prescott Brown, approached retired Lt. John Collins, a former SBPD officer of 27 years, as he got out of his car after returning home from his current job. Presley Brown allegedly pointed a sawed-off shotgun at Collins and tried to rob him, but an altercation ensued.

Collins then shot at least one of the suspects. One of them jumped into a waiting getaway car and drove to Memorial Hospital where they were both arrested. Presley Brown was the one shot by Collins. He was shot in the arm and foot. Those injuries were non-life threatening.

The other suspect was in the car and after arriving in the parking garage at Memorial Hospital, he fled. It is not known if he was also shot.

Collins was not injured. Read more



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