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JACKSONVILLE, Florida Safariland™, a BAE Systems line of business,announces the debut of the latest offering from the Safariland Training Group,the Female Officer Survival Training Tactics course, which is availableimmediately.

This four-day course, developed by female law enforcement officers, provides female officers the skills to confidently engage and thwart lethalthreatening situations. Highlightsof the course include improved firearms accuracy, advanced gun fighting skills, defensive tactics specific to the female officer,and improving tactical decision-making skills throughscenario-based training.

This program provides an opportunity for female officers to train in a comfortable learning environment at the range, in the gym and in theclassroom. The course will provideeach student with a personalized assessment of her particular skill sets andidentify any areas to focus for development.

“Female officers put their lives on the line every day, just like male police officers, yet theyhave to overcome some inherent challenges,” said Sandy Wall, Safariland’sDirector of Training. “Ourtalented Safariland Training Group female instructors have experienced thesechallenges first hand in their careers and have built this course to offertheir fellow officers options and tactics to help survive the street.”

Safariland Training Group’s chief instructor for the course is Dorcia Meador, a 31-year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department, who isconsidered by many as one of the best female shooters in the country. She is a four-time womens NRA champion and holds numerous nationalrecords in police pistol combat competitions, 1500 PPC revolver, and PolicePistol Combat semi-auto. Joining Meador is Lt. Amy Forster of the Vancouver Police Department,who is a recognized expert in ground and hand-to-hand fighting, and BelindaSelvey of the Fort Worth PD, who is an accomplished tactical instructor.

For information on registration, as well as a complete listing of classes andschedules, visit


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