Police: Tire Store Owner Shot Two of Three Robbers


Miami Police conjured up images of the wild west when they said the owner of a Miami business showed “tombstone-like courage” when he shot and wounded two young men as they allegedly tried to rob his auto tire business.

Now those two are in the hospital and police are on the huntfor a third young man.The shooting reminded neighbor Dylan Terry of the Wild West when he described the barrage of bullets and shots fired.

“Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow,” said Terry, who works at a business next to the tire shop. “I've never been around a shooting like this so I was a little freaked out.”

Police say initially three robbers targeted Okay Auto Tire Service at Northwest 2nd Ave. and 42nd Street sometime before noon Friday. Four people were inside the shop at the time: the owner, the owner's son and two employees.

Police say the owner, identified as Omar Rangel, was being held at gunpoint by 17-year-old Joseph White, who ordered Rangel and his employees to the ground. According to an arrest affidavit, White passed a silver revolver to 27-year-old Dwayne Hudson.

Hudson continued to threaten Rangel with the gun while White rifled through the victims' pockets. A third, unidentified young man “kept going in and out of the business to make sure nobody was coming,” the arrest affidavit reports.

When the robbers weren't looking, 45-year-old Rangel of Miami, who was carrying a handgun in his front pocket, pulled his gun out and shot four times. Read more

Source: cbs4.com

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