Obamacare Passes, GOA Pledges Fight to Repeal Anti-gun Measure


Obamacare passes. More gun control and federal power takes root.Well, it was a long, hard fight.

You spent nearly a year working with GOA to kill the anti-gun ObamaCare bill, even though much of the time, people were saying that its passage was inevitable … that it was going to pass no matter what we did.

But as you know, it wasn’t inevitable, and we almost beat the anti-gun legislation that passed last night.  By 4 pm yesterday, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi still did not have enough votes to pass this monstrosity!

If you were watching the “sausage making” on Sunday — or have been listening to the news today — you know that we narrowly lost the battle over ObamaCare.  [Click here  to see how your Representative voted.]

That's the bad news.  The good news is that we only lost a battle… for the war is not over.  Here's what your GOA is doing to stall ObamaCare in its tracks:

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* Gun Owners of America has been working in Virginia to pass legislation that will exempt citizens from purchasing ObamaCare.  This legislation has passed both houses and is now sitting on Governor Bob McDonnell's desk.  He is expected to sign this bill tomorrow, making the Old Dominion the first state to take such an action.  Other states are looking to follow Virginia's example, and you can be sure that GOA will be involved in those states, as well.

* GOA is ready to assist the 38 states which are now planning to file suit against the anti-gun health care law as soon as the President signs it tomorrow.  Over ten years ago, GOA helped Sheriffs Richard Mack and Jay Printz sue the federal government after the Brady Law required law enforcement to run background checks.  You may remember that in Printz v. U.S. (1997), the Supreme Court ruled in our favor.  We will now try to parlay that victory and make the same case here, namely, that the federal government can not force state authorities to act on its behest.

* Finally, GOA is committed to targeting the sell-out congressmen who turned a deaf ear to your letters, phone calls and emails.  For almost a year, Gun Owners of America has been the ONLY gun group at the national level working to kill this legislation.  Some thought this was an impossible battle… but what they don't realize is that even though we narrowly lost, the fight has been well-worth the effort. Read more

Source: Gun Owners of America


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