No Permit Concealed Carry Will Cost Revenues


A bill that is working its way through the state legislature could eliminate concealed weapons permit requirements and cost the state millions of dollars in lost permit fees.

Many Anderson-area instructors said they are still following the bill and want to learn more, but they are worried that no longer having mandatory classes for concealed weapons permits could hurt or destroy their business.

Instructors also said they think that removing the requirements will result in more legal gun owners being arrested for unknowingly violating state laws by carrying weapons in places where even permitted carriers are not allowed to have guns.

There are currently 130,918 people with concealed weapon permits in South Carolina. Permits have to be renewed every four years for $50.

Over the four-year period, that amounts to more than $6.5 million in fees.

There are currently 699 certified concealed weapons instructors, who can renew their licenses for $100 every four years, according to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, which handles the permitting process. Read more


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