What’s Hot in Handguns?

The Para GI 45S.
The Para GI 45S.

Anybody who likes the Government Model 1911 is going to love 2011, the 100th anniversary of the famed “.45 automatic,” because you’re undoubtedly going to see some dandy commemoratives, and spruced up “working guns” on the horizon.

But not all is 1911-oriented this year. Chiappa’s new Rhino revolver is finally approved for distribution, there’s a new AR-style pistol, the Titan .410/.45 derringer is being marketed by Cobra, and Glock’s Gen 4 pistols are definitely in the spotlight.

The Para CWX79R.
The Para CWX79R.

But let’s take an early look at just some of the new entries, beginning with a number of introductions from Para USA (10620 Southern Loop Blvd., Dept. GDTM, Pineville, NC 28134-7381/(704) 930-7600/www.para-usa.com).

There’s a Limited Anniversary Set, with a Para GI45 and a Hi-Cap. The GI45 has three-dot fixed sights, two 7-round magazines, the PK2 finish, 5-inch barrel, stainless steel frame and solid trigger. The Hi-Cap has a stainless frame with accessory rail, Trijicon three-dot tritium night sights, 25lpi front strap checkering, match trigger, a pair of 14-round magazines and the PK2 finish. They come in a wood display box.

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Para’s LDA (Light Double-Action) pistol is now chambered in 9mm. It carries a 7-round magazine, features a 3-inch barrel, spurless flush hammer and rounded grip safety, alloy receiver and black resin double diamond grips. This pistol also wears the PK2 finish.

The GI45S is a stainless version of Para’s popular “basic” .45 auto pistol, the GI Expert. It has a stainless steel barrel and solid metal bushing, medium-length Expert trigger, three-dot fixed sights, skeletonized spur hammer and 8-round magazine. Stocks are checkered polymer.

The Cowboy Action crowd will warm up to the new SASS Wild Bunch 1911 pistol, alluding to the classic Sam Peckinpah western featuring William Holden and the famed Model 1911 in a final reel shootout that stands today as a benchmark of the genre. The pistol has a 5-inch stainless steel barrel, fixed three-dot sights, PK2 finish, solid long trigger, a pair of 7-round magazines, steel frame and weighs 39 ounces.


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