New Rifle: Mossberg MMR Tactical Vortex Red/Green Dot Combo

New Rifle: Mossberg MMR Tactical Vortex Red/Green Dot Combo

Revamping the MMR Carbine based on user demands, Mossberg has introduced new rifles ready to tear up the X-ring straight out of the box.

Mossberg AR-15s built a bit of a reputation as a workingman’s black rifle.

Since its inception 6 years ago, the MMR (Mossberg Modern Rifle) line offered shooters a Spartan system at one heck of a price point. Given the bare-bones nature of the rifle — particularly its Mil-Spec trigger — it typically required a tweak or two to truly meet an individual shooter’s tastes. But with plenty of money left over, this was more than worth the effort, given the rifle's potential to produce more cloverleaves at the range than an Irish meadow.

Mossberg has taken the MMR line in a different direction for 2017. Revamping the rifle based on user demands, the Connecticut gunmaker has introduced a firearm ready to tear up the X-ring straight out of the box. This is especially true of the new MMR Tactical Vortex Red/Green Dot Combo.

Designed to have shooters hit the ground running, the package would be ideal for those interested in a home-defense rifle or playing with the idea of 3-Gun Competition. The combo includes Mossberg’s upgraded Tactical Optic-Ready rifle and a Vortex StrikeFire II optic.

The 30mm optic is 1x magnification, facilitating quick target acquisition and shooting with both eyes open. The cantilever mount positions the optic 40mm off the top rail to allow for the addition of backup iron sights. The unit only adds 7.2 ounces to the overall package, doing little to impede the agility of the rifle. Able to switch from red to green dot and 10 brightness levels, the StrikeFire II is as comfortable shooting in broad daylight as it is in low-light environments. Though, with a 4 MOA dot, the optic will produce its best results at close to close-medium range.

The 5.56x45mm/.223 Rem. rifle the optic is attached to is the evolved iteration of Mossberg's Tactical branch of the MMR line. And of the new features, the one that has the potential to turn the most heads is the new trigger — the JM Pro Drop-In Trigger.

The JM in the name stands for 3-Gun World Champion Jerry Miculek, who offered design points for the new MMR line’s enhanced trigger. The freshly engineered trigger does away with the creep of the old Mil-Spec trigger group, breaking crisp and clean at a scant 4 pounds.

The other major modification the MMR line has enjoyed is a slimmed down forend, making the free-floating 16-inch barreled rifle much easier to handle. The 13-inch handguard utilizes the M-LOK modular mounting system, opening the door for a host of accessory configurations. It has a fast-mounting, full-length Picatinny top rail.

Some other notable upgrades include the addition of a forward assist, ejection port dust cover and six-position stock that’s compatible with Mossberg’s FLEX System recoil pads. This last feature allows users to fine tune the length of pull with three thickness options.

The MMR Tactical is available as a stand-alone rifle with an MSRP $1,253. The Tactical Vortex Red/Green Dot Combo has an MSRP of $1,399.

MMR Tactical Specs

Caliber: 5.56mm NATO/.223 REM
Capacity: 31
Barrel Type: w/ A2 Flash Suppressor
Barrel Length: 16 inches
Sight: None
Twist: 1:8”
LOP: 11-14.25 inches
Barrel Finish: Phosphate/MilSpec Hardcoat Anodized
Stock: 6- Position w/ Magpul MOE grip and trigger guard
Weight: 7 pounds
Length: 33 inches

StrikeFire II Red Dot
Magnification: 1 x
Objective Lens Diameter: 30 mm
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Adjustment Graduation: 1/2 MOA
Travel per Rotation: 25 MOA
Max Elevation Adjustment: 100 MOA
Max Windage Adjustment: 100 MOA
Parallax Setting: Parallax Free
Length: 5.6 inches
Weight: 7.2 ounces


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