Leica Releases Commemorative Optics/Ranging Gear



Leica has introduced commemorative, 25-year anniversary models of its Geovid and Rangemaster optics, and just like the originals, these new commemorative models still have the ability to absolutely wow their users.

For diehard sporting optics enthusiasts, 1992 marked a sea change. That year, for the first time, not only could a hunter spot his quarry at distance, he could also range how far the critter was for a potential shot all from one tool.

Things have never quite been the same since Leica married a precise laser rangefinder to its high-end optics. The company's Geovid rangefinding binoculars innovated how many hunters and shooters went afield, and the platform has only grown more useful over the years. Not only has the German manufacturer made the optics smaller and more rugged, but it has loaded them with incredible features, such as an onboard ballistics computer.

Leica is celebrating this company and industry milestone this year with the release of commemorative versions of the rangefinding binoculars and rangefinder. And like the original Geovid, these tools still have the ability to absolutely wow their users.

Edition 2017 Geovid HD-B

Geovid HD-B Edition 2017
Tracing its linage directly from the original Geovid, these rangefinding binoculars offer shooters crystal-clear images, precise ranging and a whole bunch more. Offered in 8x42mm and 10x42mm, the optics offer ample power for most shooting and hunting situations. And the generous objective lens and Leica’s proprietary HDC-Multicoating ensure the binoculars gobble up every scrap of light to deliver unparalleled images. The commemorative editions feature an attractive and tough green rubber armoring over its magnesium housing. The coating is attractive and adds a layer of protection to the optics and LoS ranging hardware, ensuring it can measure the distance out to 2,200 yards. Perhaps in an example of German over-engineering, the Geovid HD-B is also outfitted with a multi-functional ballistics computer. The system reliably delivers accurate real-time shooting data, while also allowing shooters to upload their own ballistic preferences via a microSD card. The 2017 model comes with an attractive and distinctive green carrying case, making certain nothing happens to this top-shelf optic. MSRP on the 8x42mm Geovid HD-B is $2,949, the 10x42mm is $2,999.

Rangemaster CRF 200-B Edition 2017

Rangemaster CRF 200-B Edition 2017
Precision shooting at distance has never been easier with Leica’s 2017 edition of its famed rangefinder. In fact, its features almost make it like cheating. In addition to gauging distances out 2,000 yards, the Rangemaster CRF 2000-B also dishes up a mind-boggling array of ballistic data. The device is able to measure the equivalent horizontal range up to 1,200 yards and provide inches of holdover, MIL and MOA corrections to one decimal point. This takes all the guesswork out of shot angles and is fed to the shooter in less than a blink of an eye — .3 seconds. The unit also measures important environmental shooting data, such as air pressure and temperature and incorporates them into its ballistic calculations. It also provides 7x magnification, delivering sharp, high contrast images. Perhaps most impressive of all, Leica has packed all of this digital wizardry into an incredibly compact unit. The commemorative edition has an attractive green rubber armor and comes with a green carrying case. The Rangemaster CRF 2000-B only tips the scales at 6.4 ounces with batteries. The high-end rangefinder has an MSRP of $799.

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