New Gun: Springfield Introduces TRP Operator In 10mm

New Gun: Springfield Introduces TRP Operator In 10mm

Springfield has launched its first production 10mm with the release of two TRP Operator models chamber for the powerful round.

What's the hubbub on the new Springfield TRP Operator in 10mm?

  • The 10mm TRP Operator comes in 5- and 6-inch barreled models.
  • The smaller model is geared to carry, while the larger is meant for hunting.
  • The 5-inch model has tactical-rack rear sights, the 6-inch fully adjustable rear sights.
  • Both TRP Operators have forged steel frames and slides and are finished in Black-T.
  • They have enhanced grip texturing and a scallop pattern on the front strap and mainspring housing.
  • The price for the 5-inch TRP Operator is $1,790, the 6-inch $1,842.

At the moment, the pistol market has two hot rounds and they couldn’t be further apart.

On the one end of the spectrum is the demure and more than 100-year-old .380 ACP. At the other end, the comparably newer, much heftier and hotter 10mm. If a gunmaker hasn’t released a pistol chambered for one of the cartridges in recent years, it’s almost certain they’ve banged one out for the other.

TRP Operator

Springfield Armory has gone one better in 2018, with its newest pistol releases amounting to a ballistics odd couple. Early this year, the company caught the interest of those in the market for a highly concealable semi-automatic with the 911 pistol in .380. But, before that, in late 2017, it jumped all the way to the other end of the caliber scale, not to mention shooting ethos, with the introduction of the TRP (Tactical Response Pistol) in 10mm.

It’s quite a chasm Springfield is bridging, but one where it appears to be banking more on the big dog, as the company is releasing two models of the 10mm 1911 pistol. It makes sense, given fans of the brand have wanted this exact setup for some time, so Springfield is giving them all they want and more apparently. But it also is reasonable when the variations of the TRP Operator are considered and the types of shooters they are targeting.

For those looking to add a 10mm to their carry routine, Springfield offers a 5-inch barreled TRP Operator. And for the quickly expanding handgun hunting ranks, there is a 6-inch barreled model.

It might not sound like a drastic difference, but, like football, ballistics are at times a game of inches. The extra barrel length allows the pistol to burn all of a scorching hunting round’s powder in its bore, thus achieving the round’s full ballistic potential.

There are few notable variations between the two 10mm TRP Operator models, outside of barrel length. The 6-inch pistol has more rail, which shouldn’t be a shock given its larger frame. And the smaller TRP features a tactical-rack rear sight, while the larger boasts a fully adjustable rear. In both cases, they are three-dot tritium night sights, so they should each excel at low-light applications.

The new TRPs are Springfield’s first 10mm production guns (the manufacturer has offered the caliber out of its custom shop previously) and the first in the line not chambered in .45 ACP. Aside from caliber, the pistols offer all the features, plus some recent upgrades, shooters have become familiar with in a TRP.


Among the run of the mill TRP features include a forged steel frame and slide (beefed up for 10mm), precision fitted with a match-grade stainless steel barrel with fully supported ramp. Additionally, the frame and slide are finished in Black-T, a self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant finish. And each pistol has an ambidextrous thumb safety, and high and ample beavertail, expected in a 1911.

Regarding some of the new twists to the platform, the pistols have plenty of texturing on their front straps and mainspring housings (a scallop pattern Springfield calls Octo-Grip), as well as on their G10 grips. This should prove a definite plus when launching the snappy round. And combined with the pistols’ weights — 40 ounces for the 5-inch model, 45 for the 6-inch — the new TRP Operator models have the potential to be fairly manageable shooters.

The TRP Operator models are also outfitted with Springfield’s Gen 2 Speed Trigger, a skeletonized job tuned to right around 4.5 to 5 pounds. And each comes with two eight-round flush-fit magazines.

Given the TRP line resides on the top shelf of Springfield’s ample 1911 selection, there is a robust price tag, even comparable to most of the production 10mm market. The 5-inch model rings up an MSRP of $1,790, the 6 inch $1,842. That’s not exactly chump change, but for fans of Springfield and the wicked 10mm, it might not be too much of a speed bump in adding one or both models to their gun safe.



TRP Operator (6-inch barrel)
Caliber: 10mm
Recoil System: GI Style, 16 lb. Recoil Spring, Long Slide Plug, Fully Supported
Sights: Fully Adjustable, 3-Dot Tritium
Weight (with empty magazine): 45 oz.
Height: 5.5 in.
Slide: Forged Steel w Ball Cut & Front Serrations, Black-T® Finish
Barrel: 6 in., Stainless Steel Match Grade, Fully Supported Ramp, Bull
Length: 9.6 in.
Grip Type: VZ Alien, Dirty Olive G-10
Frame: Forged Steel, Integral Accessory Rail, Octo-Grip™ Front Strap, Ambi Thumb Safety & Black-T® Finish
Magazines: 2 – 8 Round, Stainless Steel
MSRP: $1,842.00

TRP Operator (5-inch barrel)
Caliber: 10mm
Recoil System: GI Style, 18.5 lb. Recoil Spring
Sights: SA Tactical Rack Rear, 3-Dot Tritium
Weight (with empty magazine): 40 oz.
Height: 5.5 in.
Slide: Forged Steel w Ball Cut & Front Serrations, Black-T® Finish
Barrel: 5 in., Stainless Steel Match Grade, Fully Supported Ramp w/ Bushings
Length: 8.6 in.
Grip Type: VZ Alien, Dirty Olive G-10
Frame: Forged Steel, Integral Accessory Rail, Octo-Grip Front Strap, Ambi Thumb Safety & Black-T Finish
Magazines: 2 – 8 Round, Stainless Steel
MSRP: $1,790.00


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