New Pistol: Springfield Armory 911 .380

New Pistol: Springfield Armory 911 .380

Springfield Armory has introduced its smallest pistol to date in the 1911-style 911 .380.

A little about the new 911 .380 micro pistol:

  • The 911 .380 measures 5.5 inches in overall length and weighs 12.6 ounces.
  • The pistol is a single-action, chambered in .380 ACP.
  • It boasts a unique G10 trigger that breaks at 5 pounds.
  • It has Pro-Glo Tritium front and rear sights.
  • Models with Viridian green laser grips are available.

The first two rules of concealed carry are: You have to carry a gun, and you have to conceal it. Neither is going to happen for most citizens who want to go armed if the gun is too big and potentially uncomfortable.

Certainly, full-sized pistols have advantages, but face it, there is only a select segment of the population willing to augment their dress, carry method and lives around toting one. This glaring fact has supercharged the market of shrunken self-defense handguns in recent years. Whether revolver or semi-automatic pistol, nearly every manufacturer has a mouse-gun option, sized to be as burdensome as pocket change and to evaporate on the person.


Springfield Armory is no stranger to producing easy-to-carry-and-conceal pistols, with a healthy selection of single-stack sub-compacts in its XD line of polymer pistols. But the Illinois company has gone the extra mile with its first handgun release for 2018. The new 911 .380 is the gunmaker’s smallest pistol to date, and one portioned to scrap it out with the minutest micro pistols.

Overall, the .380 ACP pistol is 5.5 inches long (no width available) and comes in at a meager 12.6 ounces. This certainly makes the 911 not only a candidate for typical concealed carry methods, but also a dandy choice for a pocket pistol, perhaps in a backup role.

Similar in looks to the SIG P238, the 911 is a 1911-style, single-action semi-automatic pistol. Typical for the design, the pistol has a manual thumb safety, which Springfield has extended for ease of use and made ambidextrous, so it’s right- and left-handed friendly. And it has outfitted it with a unique G10 trigger from Hogue, which breaks at 5 pounds and has a short reset.

The aluminum-framed pistol has a short beavertail to protect the operator’s hands from the skeletonized hammer and stainless steel slide. Springfield offers the choice of a black Nitride or brushed-satin matte finish for the slide, which also boasts integrated indicator.


The frame, according to the company, is optimized in proportion to the slide and trigger, to make the gun more manageable, which, if it pans out, is a plus for small semis, since they tend to jump in the hand. The frame comes outfitted with aggressively textured thinline G10 grips, and has what the company calls Octo-Grip texturing on the frontstrape of the mainspring housing. Additionally, Springfield offers two models with Viridian green laser grips, for a bit more money.

The 911 has a 2.7-inch broached barrel and a full-length guide rod, with a flat wire spring. It boasts Pro-Glo Tritium front sights and white outline tritium rear sights, aiding in low-light target acquisition. And it comes with a six-round flush fit magazine and a seven-round extended magazine, both stainless steel.

Presently, the MSRP on the Springfield Armory 911 is $599, and $789 for the models equipped with the laser sights.



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