Video: The New Honda Pioneer 1000LE


Gun Digest editor Luke Hartle takes a look at what the Honda Pioneer 1000LE brings to the table for shooters and outdoorsmen.

What is the Honda Pioneer 1000LE packing?

  • The Pioneer 1000LE is fully automatic.
  • It can be driven in manual at the flick of a switch.
  • The off-road vehicle boasts a 999cc engine.
  • The Pioneer features versatile seating and cargo stowage.

Whether it’s traversing the backcountry on a hunt or setting up a shooting course on the back 40, off-road vehicles and shooting have always had a close relationship. Gun Digest Editor Luke Hartle takes a look at one of the most versatile ways for a marksman or woman to get to their target in the above video.

The Gun Digest editor gets wowed by the 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000LE after a couple of days tooling around in the cutting-edge side-by-side. From the 999cc engine to the i4WD to the automatic dual clutch transmission and independent wishbone suspension, Hartle discovers there’s little that stands in the way of the off-road vehicle. On top of that there’s the Pioneer’s versatility — in seating and cargo storage. It's everything you need to create your own adventure.

As Hartle points out, the Honda Pioneer 1000LE runs toward the top end of the powersports market price-wise. But he makes a good analogy concerning the money it costs. Like a Smith & Wesson Perfomance Center M&P10 6.5 Creedmoor, you’ll pay a little more for a lot more. Not to mention, you’ll get to your shooting destination in style.


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Elwood Shelton is the Digital Editor for Gun Digest. He lives in Colorado and has provided coverage on a vast spectrum of topics for GD for more than a decade. Before that, he was an award-winning sports and outdoors reporter for a number of newspapers across the Rocky Mountains. His experience has consisted of covering the spread of chronic wasting disease into the Western Slope of Colorado to the state’s ranching for wildlife programs. His passion for shooting began at a young age, fostered on pheasant hunts with his father. Since then, he has become an accomplished handloader, long-range shooter and avid hunter—particularly mule deer and any low-down, dirty varmint that comes into his crosshairs. He is a regular contributor to Gun Digest Magazine and has contributed to various books on guns and shooting, most recently Lever-Actions: A Tribute to the All-American Rifle.


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