Malden Mom is Glad Son Had Gun


The mother of a Malden man who survived being struck with four bullets in a gunfight that left the other two men dead said yesterday that she is grateful her son was armed with his licensed handgun at the time.

“He had it on him. Why, I don’t know. His friends said he’s never had it on him. But I am very thankful he did. Otherwise it would have been him killed,” said Kathleen Becerra, 47.

Jerry Bourque, 25, was on his porch at about 12:55 a.m. Tuesday with a friend when they were approached by two Boston men, Lakeem Tombs and Virgilio Dipre, both 18, authorities said.

Bourque’s mother said he got his gun permit four years ago for target shooting. “He defended himself. Thank God,” she said. Read more


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