Liberal: Expect Chaos If Chicago’s Gun Ban is Overturned

Mayor Daley has plenty of liberals argue for crime-ridden Chicago's gun ban.
Mayor Daley has plenty of liberals eager to argue for crime-ridden Chicago's gun ban.

Is the person next to you on the bus “carrying heat?” How about that lady in the Starbucks line, who appears to be “packing” (and I don't mean for summer vacation)? Your co-worker had a bad week and is fiddling with his pistol.

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court may strike down Chicago's controversial gun ban, legal experts predict. In the landmark case, McDonald vs. the City of Chicago, the justices are expected to rule that the city's 30-year-old prohibition on the possession or sale of handguns violates the Second Amendment.

If the law is banished, the city no longer will be able to forbid the possession of handguns.

The People of the Gun argue that citizens are entitled to the right to own guns for self-protection. They may win this round. Others fear the Windy City will begin to look more like Dodge City. Maybe even Tombstone, Ariz.

Things are bad enough. Every day in Chicago is another day of gun mayhem. Children caught in the crossfire. A lady preacher shot over a poker game. Road rage gone wild. More and more lost to domestic violence, suicide, impulse killings. Read more


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