Lee County, Florida Law Change Would Allow Guns on Airport Property

Lee County, Florida Law Change Would Allow Guns on Airport Property

FORT MYERS — Guns and ammunition no longer would be considered a prohibited “weapon” at Southwest Florida International Airport, if Lee County officials approve a proposed change to a local law.

Lee commissioners are expected Tuesday to decide whether to set a Sept. 27 public hearing to make that change to the airport ordinance and to allow guns and ammunition on airport property.

Under an order Gov. Rick Scott signed in June of this year, Lee commissioners already removed language in local ordinances that had prohibited carrying guns in public parks.

Now, Lee County Attorney Michael Hunt said a change to the airport ordinance is necessary to comply with the new state law, which says no local government can control the carrying of firearms as of Oct. 1.

So although Lee commissioners are over the Lee County Port Authority, which operates Southwest Florida International Airport, they wouldn’t be able to control whether someone can enter the passenger terminal with a permitted firearm.

“After Oct. 1, the state will have to try to figure that out,” Hunt said.

Any official who tries to enact local gun control measures can receive a $5,000 fine and even be removed from office by the governor. Read more

Source: naplesnews.com

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  1. As a very long time FL CCW permit holder I have never heard of that local carry law. Any other obscure Florida CC laws I should know about?


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