Sometimes you don’t need a full-power slug and all the recoil that goes with it. But you still need the stopping power of a shotgun.

The reality is that most gunfights last only a few seconds and take place at ranges inside 20 yards. And the one true thing about any gunfight is that you, the good guy, want it to end quickly. One solid hit from a slug, even a reduced-recoil round usually does the trick.

Brenneke’s new reduced-recoil Tactical Home Defense slugs give you incredible short-range stopping power and a level of control and accuracy not common in regular slugs.

In situations with multiple threats requiring rapid fire, the reduced recoil keeps you on target.

While the Home Defense Tactical slugs are designed for ranges from CQB to 35 yards, a 50-yard sight-in will put you on target for a human silhouette out to 100 yards with a drop of only 2.9 inches.

I fired these fine slugs at 25 yards, offhand, through a cylinder-bore barrel using ghost-ring sights. The group was beyond impressive and recoil was noticeably reduced from that of standard slugs.

For the fighting shotgun these slugs have it all: accuracy, power and controllability. To get your hands on Brenneke Tactical Home Defense slugs, check out

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