Camp Perry 2008 Report


My overall view of the 2008 Camp Perry Matches is that the shooting sports are doing well.

On Aug. 1, I watched the National Trophy Infantry Team Match. This started at 600 yards and ended at 200 yards, with stops at 500 and 300. The teams consisted of a Marine team, with a captain and bird colonel to observe and cheer them on. There were several state teams, including the Wisconsin Rifle & Pistol club.

The thing that struck me was the large number of junior teams, which included young men and many young ladies. The Arizona state team consisted entirely of women. I guess that's the shooting community's definition of diversity.

The Springfield '03, Vintage Military and John C. Garand matches ran Aug. 1 and 2. Again, there were many young competitors and women shooters. Some competitors had all the gear, including shooting jackets, and others were dressed in period military clothing.

Camp Perry offers something for everyone who enjoys shooting.



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