Friesen Case Shows Continued Media Failure on Guns


Especially since being a watchdog (as opposed to lapdog) of government is one of the traditional roles of a free press.

This is not only a David-and-Goliath story about a citizen fighting for his rights and freedom against a zealous government with bottomless resources, but it goes much deeper in challenging the accuracy of government records, and the governments willingness–and ability–to subject those records to scrutiny.

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It's appalling, especially when you realize the ATF and the Justice Department were doing their damnedest to put a man away, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to do so at a time we're told resources and manpower are stretched.

So why is it we'd have never known about this story at all if we relied on the “mainstream media”? See for yourself what a Google News search yields.

Now compare that with something really important to keep the sovereign public informed on, say, “Twilight” or “Jon & Kate Plus 8“…

Aside from blogs and forums frequented mainly by activist gun owners, our fellow citizens would never know the Friesen story happened. Most still don't and never will. Read more

Source: Gun Rights Examiner

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