Pratt: Gun Advocate Heats up Tea Party


Larry Pratt has backed Second Amendment rights for Americans to bear arms for nearly three decades.

The executive director of Gun Owners of America has more help now to pressure national government actions as the Tea Party movement attracts thousands of United States residents who are opposed to heavy federal spending, taxes and say in their day-to-day lives.

“Americans have increasingly come to the conclusion that our government is out of control,” said Pratt in a telephone interview from his office in Springfield, Va.

“It's time for elected officials to behave as employees and listen to what the boss wants.”

He makes his first appearance in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., on Sept. 12 in an event dubbed 9/12 Tea Party. It's hosted by the Northern Michigan Liberty Alliance and Soo Tea Party.

The gathering runs from noon to 2 p.m. at Peck and Ashmun streets.

Examples of groups such as the Michigan Sault tea party, formed by five men who met in a coffee shop “wanting to do something” earlier this year, encourages the GOA head.

“Americans are evidently on a path to take back the government,” he said.

“There are powers that have been slipping out of our hands that should never have been yielded, never been ceded . . . I think it's a very healthy thing for the sake of freedom and prosperity that we're finally telling the government, ‘You cost too much,' both in terms of money and what we can do in our daily lives.”

Pratt hopes Michigan will follow states such as Montana and Tennessee that have introduced Firearms Freedom Acts.

Under the law, firearms manufactured and kept in those states are exempt from federal weapons regulations. Read more



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