Most States Allow Gun Carry in Airports


Last year a man was arrested by the Pittsburgh Airport Police for open carrying a holstered handgun in Pittsburgh International Airport.  In Pennsylvania, like most states, no permit is usually required to open carry a handgun at age 18.

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But the Allegheny County ordinance enforced by the police was in conflict with Pennsylvania law – and thus the law, not the gun, was illegal.  The judge entered a judgment of "not guilty."

According to's Pennsylvania is not alone in allowing gun carry in airports as 42 states appear to allow gun carry in airports.

But US Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) has introduced a bill in Congress to ban gun carry in the non-sterile non-federally controlled portions of all US airports.  Neither house of Congress is expected to override the judgment of forty some states on this issue, and the bill may also have significant constitutional problems. Read more.


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