Gun Values Research Enters the ­21st Century

Gun Values Research Enters the ­21st Century

FInd Guns Gun Value App.

Instantly research Standard Catalog of Firearms pricing data on your mobile device or desktop computer.

Gone are the days of relying on someone at a gun show or gun store to divulge the true value of a firearm, thanks to the new Find Guns application from Gun Digest. It’s available to anyone with a mobile device or computer.

While some gifted people are like walking encyclopedias of gun knowledge, we lesser mortals need some help. The Find Guns app empowers the rest of us to buy and sell guns with confidence — like being escorted by your very own gun-collecting expert.

A $3.99 monthly subscription gives you complete access to more than 110,000 gun value listings from the massive Standard Catalog of Firearms. For the best value, an annual subscription for $19.99 is available.

If that’s not your cup of tea, Find Guns can be used for free as a gun show finder. This allows you to search events by location, date and mileage.

“In the past, there hasn’t been an efficient way to keep pricing information handy at gun shows,” said Jim Schlender, publisher of Gun Digest. “Find Guns is the next generation of gun price guides. It offers our trusted gun pricing information through something most people carry around already — a smartphone.”

Knowledge is Power

Find Guns delivers the most critical thing you need to buy and sell guns — information. You can browse guns by manufacturer and make, view photos and descriptions, get gun values of firearms in six condition grades (from New-in-Box to Poor) and save guns you’re watching in your Favorites folder for future reference.

Not knowing the value of a gun by condition can impact its price by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. That’s why the Find Guns app can pay for itself with the first gun you buy. You’ll know what that firearm is actually worth, giving you the upper hand in negotiations.

“[Find Guns is] worth it for the gun show listings alone – and now they added prices from the Standard Catalog of Firearms,” wrote Greg K., a recent online reviewer. “Prices are good, cheaper than the book, which now I won't have to carry.”

Find Guns is available for the iPhone and iPad at the iTunes Store; for Android devices at the Android Market at Google Play; and on desktop computers by logging in at (works best in Chrome or Safari browsers)

Find-Guns-FeaturedHow to Use Find Guns

Step 1: Get Find Guns
• Download the free Find Guns app in the iTunes store
• Download the free Find Guns app in the Android or Google Play store
• Go directly to on a computer or mobile device

Step 2: Choose a Subscription
• $3.99 for monthly subscription
• $19.99 for annual subscription

Step 3: Research Gun Values
Don’t Forget: Gun Show Finder is Free
• Even if you don’t want to pay for gun values research, it’s still worth it to download the free apps or go to The gun show finder is free to use and regularly updated.


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