Secure Your Firearms with these Gun Safes

Secure Your Firearms with these Gun Safes

You've spent a lot of money to build your gun collection, now you've got to keep your investment in tip-top shape. Keep your firearms safe and sound with these top gun safe options, offering security worthy of any bank.

Cannon Scout 33

Cannon Scout 33 Gun Safe

Protect firearms, as well as personal items such as electronics, in this 12-gauge steel constructed safe with a 4-inch steel composite door. The safe is rated at 1200 degrees for 30 minutes and comes predrilled for bolting to the floor for added security. Access the upholstered interior through the commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock. When storing laptops or tablets, keep them charged with the Scout’s internal power supply system that boasts two 110 power outlets, a USB port and an RJ45 Ethernet connection. The Scout 33’s internal measurements are 57 1/4″ x 38 1/2″ x 18 3/4″ for 32.7 cubic feet of storage. (MSRP $1,399;


Fort Knox Titan

Fort Knox Titan Gun Safe

Fort Knox combined their most popular options into one safe to create their top-of-the-line Titan Series. The safe is rated for 1,680 degrees for 90 minutes and boasts a 1 ¾-inch reinforced fire door, 3/16-inch thick steel construction with an internal 10-gauge steel reinforced liner and up to 20 1 ½-inch diameter active door locking bolts. Fort Knox calls it a “vault within a vault.” It’s accessed using an S&G Group II manipulation resistant lock, spy proof and key lock dial. Carpet lines the sides and interior door and the inside includes a door organizer and dehumidifier. Available in four models ranging from 25 cubic feet to 57 cubic feet of storage and with a variety of options including 19 exterior colors and three interior ones. ($4,500-$7,500;



Browning Pro Series Silver

Browning Pro Series Silver Gun Safe

The entry level safe in Browning’s Pro Series, the Silver doesn’t scrimp on mind-easing security features. The safe is made from an 11-gauge steel body and is secured with a 1 5/16-inch Duo-Formed door with a full inner-plate for added strength and 1 ¼-inch door bolts. The safe is rated to withstand heat up to 1,200 degrees for 75 minutes. New for 2013, the Pro Series line safes boast the versatile, yet durable, Axis Adjustable Shelving, which allows owners to maximize the internal space of their safe to meet their specific storage needs. Additional interior features include the DPX Barrel Rack with Scope Saver, DPX Handgun Pouches, an elevated floor for easier removal of long guns and more. Available in six configurations for storing between as many as 29 and 43 long guns. ($2,249-$3,599;

Gunsmithing the AR-15 Vol. II

Gunsmithing the AR-15 Volume 2

Gunsmithing – The AR-15 Volume 2 by Patrick Sweeney takes everything that made the first edition fantastic, and adds even more details and information. You’ll not only learn about the operation of the AR-style rifle, but you’ll also find out how to perform simple maintenance and repair in order to extend the life of your firearm, and save on trip to the gunsmith. You’ll enjoy this AR-15 guide if:

  • You read and enjoyed Gunsmithing – The AR-15
  • You’re an AR-15 owner and want current information on your firearm
  • You’re interested in the accessories available for the AR-15


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