Gallery: Top 10 Most American Guns Of All Time


American Long Rifle

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Good for injecting lead into distant deer and Red Coats alike. More generally known now as the Kentucky or Pennsylvania rifle, these elegant flintlocks are a symbol of American independence. And they gave the Colonists a great advantage in the American Revolution, with the gun's rifled bore and long barrels extending their user's effective range out to 200 yards and beyond. While they played a role in the American War for Independence, it was small compared to the British-made Brown Bess Musket, the primary arm of our Nation’s Army. The rifles came about during the French and Indian War with Lancaster, Pa., the most commonly referenced place of origin. It is generally accepted that the American Long Rifle was a modification of the Germanic Jäger rifle, produced by Swiss and Germen settlers of the region. But there are more recent theories that suggest English Trade Guns also had a large influence on the design, particularly the American Long Rifle’s longer barrel and smaller caliber.

The Fourth of July is, of course, a time for we Americans to celebrate our liberties and inalienable rights. Here at Gun Digest, one right is always floating around our heads, particularly on our Nation's birthday — the right to bear arms. Not only does the Second Amendment give us the ability to thwart tyranny and protect ourselves and our families, it also has spawned incredible firearms along the way.

We Americans have a knack at engineering, especially when it comes to guns. We cut some out of whole cloth and others we improve on time-tested designs. And in the end, we come up with implements that change world history.

With that in mind, here are the top 10 most American guns of all time. Of course, we know we might've left out your favorite or added one you don't agree with. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Good list, really hard to argue with any of the selections. There are a couple of other types you could easily have included – the Thompson, obviously. The “Tommy Gun”. The Remington Rolling Block would also be a possibility, as well as the ubiquitous S&W line of DA revolvers. Say, the original .357 Magnum Registered model? Lastly, and you’ll probably laugh, the Ruger 10/22. Is there any other rimfire that so clearly defines the words “plink” or “fun gun”?

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