Florida County Considers New Shooting Range to Generate Economic Development


Pasco, County, Florida considers new shooting rangeOfficials in Pasco County, Florida, are discussing opening a new shooting range.  Interestingly, the range is being considered for its potential to draw in a new tourist demographic–shooting enthusiasts with a yen to travel–and thereby boost the local economy.

Recently, Pasco County Commissioner Henry Wilson got approval from his county board, “to continue pursuing the idea of a shooting range for competitive tournaments that could draw visitors and their wallets to the county,” LandO’Lakes Patch reported.  “A range could also benefit the sheriff’s office and police departments that have no place in the county for firearm practice.”

Wilson has talked with managers of a local shooting range to get their input on opening and running a range.  He’s also conducted a survey of potential range users.   His survey, “drew 4,000 responses, with 1,500 coming from outside Pasco showing an interest in traveling to the county for a shooting range. Responses came from nearly half of Florida’s 67 counties and from other states, he said.”

In addition, “The county might snag federal help to develop a shooting range. Wilson said the Department of Homeland Security may pay part of the cost if a place is large enough to accommodate the sheriff and public.”

Source:  Land O’ Lakes Patch, 8/12/11

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