Shooting Range Accessories: Make Your Next Trip to the Range as Beneficial as Possible

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Your trip to the shooting range won’t be very fruitful without shooting targets, a spotting scope (and spotting scope tripod!) and shooting ear protection — and that’s only a start. Having the latest range gear on hand is critical to make the best and safest use of your time. If you’re a handgunner or riflemen, you’ll need targets for shooting (who doesn’t love steel shooting targets?). The long-range shooter needs the best spotting scope and a Bushnell range finder. While other target shooting disciplines like shooting skeet, trap, clays or trap shooting entail sporting clays equipment. But what all of these activities have in common is the need for good ear protection for shooting. This 15-page PDF download covers the latest gear and gadgets to keep you on target and safe at the range.

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Shooting Accessories: Remington Squee-G System Kit

The rubber tips make cleaning easier, with just a simple, pull-through motion that wipes the bore clean in just a few steps. The 32-piece kit accommodates everything from a .22 all the way up to 12-gauge to cover nearly all rifles, handguns and shotguns. It also includes a bottle each of Rem Oil and All-In Bore Cleaner. The carrying case doubles as a range bag. ($80;

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Shooting Range Must-Have: Cabela’s Pinnacle Shooting Bench

Inspired by professional massage chairs, this collapsible shooting bench features an adjustable seat that leans forward allowing the shooter to rest against an ergonomically designed sternum pad, putting him at just the right angle for an accurate shot. Cabela’s also claims the set-up helps the shooter better absorb felt recoil when shooting heavy calibers or sighting in a shotgun stuffed with magnum turkey loads. Bench and platform are constructed from ABS plastic with a powder-coated steel frame. ($280;

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Shooting Ear Protection: Howard Leight Impact Pro Muffs

A good set of electronic muffs, like these from Howard Leight, not only help save your hearing, but also increase range safety by allowing the wearer to clearly hear range instructions and commands. Each slim-cut housing is fitted with a stereo microphone controlled by a single volume control knob. Active-response circuitry within the muffs amplifies voice and ambient sounds, yet instantly shuts off at 82 decibels to protect the shooter’s hearing. Runs on standard AAA batteries. ($55;

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