First Look: Volquartsen ENV-HMR In .17 HMR

First Look: Volquartsen ENV-HMR In .17 HMR

Volquartsen has just released the ENV-HMR, the company's newest rimfire pistol now chambered for .17 HMR.

Volquartsen turned some heads in the rimfire world last year when they announced the ENV pistol in .22 LR. While the company was no stranger to high-end rimfires, the ENV was the most tactical model offered by the company to date, including features like a folding pistol brace, a threaded muzzle and an optics-ready receiver. Following its success, Volquartsen has just announced the expansion of the line with the ENV-HMR pistol chambered for .17 HMR.


This compact rimfire pistol line was designed for pest control, hunting small game and plinking at the range. While the previous .22 LR version already excelled at all three tasks, the new ENV-HMR provides even better ballistics for taking game and shooting at distance thanks to the .17 HMR chambering. It features an integral Picatinny rail for mounting optics, a lightweight 9-inch barrel that’s threaded 1/2×28 and a DEEP SIX Chassis by ENOCH with an SB Tactical folding arm brace. Each pistol also features a Magpul MOE-K grip, a Slate Black Industries hand stop and a TG2000 trigger group.


Volquartsen Product Development Specialist Kolby Pavlock said this about the new pistol:

Following the success of the 22 LR ENV it was time to step it up a notch. The ENV-HMR does exactly that – more energy, more firepower. The ENV-HMR offers 17 HMR ballistics in the same compact ENV configuration. It's as versatile in the field as it is fun on the range.

Each Volquartsen ENV-HMR is built to order, so expect some lead times, but they are available now. MSRP is $1,781.

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